15 February 2011

in the news - 10 least desirable women

Starting today-- I am going to attempt to post an interesting topic that is currently in the news on a daily basis. I hear tons of interesting stories every morning on The Free Beer and Hot Wings Morning Show and often want to share them on my blog... so I am from now on :)

According to askmen.com, the following list is of the Top 10 Least Desirable Women in 2011.

#10 - Danielle Staub

Danielle Staub appeared on Bravo's first season of the Real Housewives of New Jersey in 2008... so I'm not really sure why she is on the list for 2011. She is old news, right? I mean... I get that she  is a recovering coke addict, has been arrested for charges as criminal as extortion and kidnapping, and the photograph above is far from attractive... but... it is 2011. Fill that slot with someone else and add her to your 2008 archives.

#9 - Holly Madison 

Askmen.com's reasoning for her rank on this list is largely due to her reaction upon finding out Hugh Hefner and his new playmate, Chrystal Harris, are engaged. I don't blame her! Holly Madison endured seven years of sexual relations with an 84 year old man and all she wanted from him was a marriage. For whatever reason, she truly loved this man. He denied her desires by stating he did not want to go through another divorce with his wife whom he had been separated for years. Yet, the second they break up... he shacks up with Chrystal... files for divorce...and less than three months after it is finalized... they are engaged. On top of all that, Chrystal Harris is stunningly beautiful... and in a natural way too... not a bleached blonde/implanted/fake way. Any girl would be upset about that. Put Holly Madison on the least desirable list because she dated Chriss Angel (who is utterly weird and disgusting) but not because she had a natural emotional reaction when she found out her ex-boyfriend is engaged.

#8 - Madonna

I completely agree with the decision to put her on the list. She repeatedly claims that she has had no plastic surgery but pictures tell otherwise. Honestly, I never found her attractive in her earlier years. I get why guys would feel differently because of the whole sex appeal thing... but... I think she has weird facial features and that gap in her teeth does nothing for me. It isn't necessarily the gap... I have two good friends who have gaps and I think it defines them & is the cutest thing ever... but hers looks like someone just chipped some tooth away in there.

#7 - Lindsay Lohan

This is another no-brainer. The girl is a complete wreck. Drug addict, cleoptomaniac, sexually confused, stalker, and the list goes on.... what ever happened to the sweet girl from The Parent Trap?

#6 - Heidi Montag/Pratt

WOOF! This washed up piece of plastic has always given me a gag reflex. She only it made it worse when she paired up with Spencer... and had 10 different plastic surgeries, of course. In my opinion, this girl deserves the number one spot... hands down.

#5 - Ke$ha

I like some of her music... some. I had never really seen many pictures of her before I just did a Google search though... and she pretty much looked like a hot mess in the majority of them. The $ in the place of an S is lame... and she does appear to be a Lady Gaga wannabe... but I'm not sure if she is as undesirable as some of the others I've previously mentioned.

#4 - Miley Cyrus

She is definitely on the fast track to disaster and seems to be following in the footsteps of her predecessor LaLohan. The video of her smoking a bong wasn't too admirable... and her new tattoo of a dream catcher on her torso isn't helping matters... really, a dream catcher? But-- the fact that her dad is Billy Ray freaking Cyrus automatically deemed her worthy of this list. Oh, and don't get me started on her voice... it made watching that hunky Liam fellow almost unbarable to watch in The Last Song... almost.

#3 - Khloe Kardashian

I don't find any of the Kardashian sisters remotely attractive... not Kourtney, not Kim, and not Khloe. It is obvious that she is the [how should I put this nicely] most unasthetically pleasing to the eye... but they could all be on the list and I wouldn't argue with the writers.

#2 - Snooki

This is another no-brainer. The girl begs guys for sex on national TV. The girl gets sloppy drunk and falls down on the beach and gets arrested on national TV. The girl is like five feet tall. The girl eats raw potatoes, for heavens sake! Was/is there anyone who actually thinks she is desirable? She can't even "smash" with any of the juiceheads at the Jersey Shore, so I doubt it.

#1 - Sarah Palin

Ohhhhh commmmeeeee onnnnn. Seriously? Sarah Palin is less desirable than Snooki? Than Lindsay Lohan? Than Heidi Montag? It is obvious the writer of this article is a strong-minded liberal who simply wants to bash on a strong woman with strong opinions. I will gladly admit her Alaskan accent can be nerve grating... and that sometimes she doesn't think before she speaks... but isn't that true of all politicians? She is definitely better looking than most 47 year old women. You may not agree with her political values but I simply don't see how anyone can group her with the likes of the ones before her... especially ranking her the #1 least desirable woman in the world. No way.

But-- who am I to judge? I will be the first to admit that I don't (and probably never will) understand how the male mind works. I am sure if I was famous... I would probably be on this list for any number of reasons... but this was fun :)


  1. i think Danielle should be moved up a few notches. and take more Holly off...i like her.

  2. Love your post but I have to admit I have a slight obsession with the Kardashian girls ;)

  3. just stumbled across your blog and read for nearly half an hour! :) love this post too!

  4. hey now, i'm five foot tall and eat raw potatoes! :) lol, i agree with most of this list, but i do love me some snooki and kardashians hahah

  5. ahaha good post!!! I don't think Holly is that bad, I like her. I dont have a problem with Kohle either.
    I DON'T like lindsay, or danielle! straight trash!