02 February 2011

fashion funk & other randomness

I have been in SUCH a fashion funk lately. I am in desperate need of some new clothes... more specifically tops (even though B begs to differ.) But for some reason... I cannot find anything anywhere that I like. I just feel like everything out right now looks the same and is kind of blah. I need your help! So e-mail me if you have any suggestions... or have found any cute finds!!

In football news, Clemson has been cleaning up in the recruiting department today. Dabo may still be learning the ins & outs of being a great head coach... but he sure is a recruiting machine! YAY!

Last but not least--my lil blogger sis, Sarah, surprised me with the cutest package yesterday. She sent me a candle with the Ghandi quote, "Be the change you wish to see in the world," a magnetic memo pad, and a picture frame with the Christopher McCandless quote I had on my footer for so long!! It was so thoughtful & I must say that I have the BEST lil sis EVER! (pictures to come later... & she has a surprise of her own in the mail too!) I just love it!

I will be creating a fashion find post w/ link in the next few minutes so come back and link up! I will also be posting a Wordless Wednesday & WILW post too! xoxo

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