12 January 2011

what i'm loving wednesday

I always feel like I'm defeating the purpose of Wordless Wednesday when I do--in fact--use words if I participate in WILW too. But who says you can't enjoy pretty pictures and post what you love in the same day? I think we should change Wednesday posts to 'Pretty Pictures and Lots of Love Wednesday' instead. 

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I'm loving... long weekends. As much as I despise this abnormal, cold, icy weather... I cannot complain about having an extra day off work and a two hour delay the following day. AND I get a three day weekend this coming weekend because of Martin Luther King Day! AND the following weekend... me and B are traveling to Boston to meet his newborn baby niece for the first time and that will be a four day weekend!

I'm loving... appreciation and acknowledgment. I have gotten lots of words of appreciation and encouragement from my boss(es) at work lately. They have been constantly telling me how proud they are of my work in the new position and that they appreciate my dedication. It is always good to hear that you are appreciated and that you are doing a good job from time to time.

I'm loving... unexpected alcohol. I had a very busy day today because one of my co-workers has been out with a virus all week and I've had to help with his work. I don't mind at all but I didn't get much sleep last night (thanks to B's snoring) and I was so busy today that all I wanted to do was relax when I got home. Unfortunately, I had to make a stop by Wal-Mart on my way home which tested my patience and then I came home to an accident that Brady made in the house... and Greyhound accidents are not very fun to clean up. Just when I thought to myself, "Man, I sure wish we hadn't finished off that beer last weekend." I opened up the fridge to find one hidden in the back.

I'm loving... that Wal-Mart sells Essie nail polish! How did I miss this tid bit of information?? I purchased a grayish color - Chinchilly - and it is quite lovely!

(not my nails, by the way...)

I am also loving... this top coat polish I purchased at CVS recently. It dries so fast and makes your nails look similar to the Opi Axxium Gel manicure (without the ruined nails after).  I saw it on my co-workers nails and had to run out and get it. It also keeps your polish from chipping as easily!

What are YOU loving today?


  1. Thanks for playing along!

    I didn't know that Wally World sold Essie nail polish! I may have to go brave ours to find some!

  2. I did not know that Walmart sold Essie!! Ahhhh!!

  3. I also had no idea about the Essie polish there?! Awesome. Also, congrats on the words of appreciation- always a great feeling!

  4. I need that top coat, I've been looking for one that leaves a shiny, shiny glimmer!

  5. I am loving that i get a 4 day weekend to spend with my boyfriend from out of town for my birthday this Monday! yay!
    I hope you have a great weekend hun! :)

    xoxo Inna