11 January 2011

top two tuesday: addictions

Taylor opened up a can of worms with me when she chose this week's Top Two Tuesday topic to be strange addictions. I am a little disturbed by the amount of things I'm strangely (and not so strangely) addicted to... so just go ahead and get over the fact that I am listing more than two... mostly because as I was reading other posts on this topic... I kept saying to myself, "Oh! Me too That too!" :)

1. Washing my feet before bed. Random, I know.... and I don't have to do it every night... only if I feel they are dry or dirty... I cannot sleep with dry or dirty feet. Ewwww... not to mention the additional laundry list of things that are necessary for my sleep... the sound of a fan, the sound of talking w/out the glare of the TV (insert sports radio)... and I must pee right before I fall asleep... if I pee and then lie awake for 30 minutes, I gotta get up and pee again right before unconsciousness hits... not because I need to but because I feel I have to.

2. Cleaning my nose with a Q-tip after every shower. I know it is completely gross and I'm probably damaging something up there but I hate the way my nose feels all snotty after a shower... and a Q-tip works far better than a Kleenex. (I can hear the click of followers un-following as we speak)

3. Finishing things I start. It sounds like something everyone would prefer to do... but I take it to the extreme. If I start cleaning, I will not stop until the entire house is clean. If I am working on a task at work, I will skip lunch and/or stay late until it is completely finished. It drives me nuts. This particular "addiction" might explains my addiction with Internet/phone games... which brings me to number four...

4. Internet/phone games: Angry Birds (I noticed this was one of many listed by others), Bejeweled, Farmville, you name it. With Angry Birds, it is not good enough for me to pass one level and go onto the next... I must get 3 stars before moving forward. Finishing what I started. With Farmville, I don't even enjoy playing the game all that much... it is more of a chore... but for some reason I can't stop playing it. I know it annoys the crap outta my friends (as it does me) to get all those notifications and so I have it set up so none get sent out or post when I play... but I still play. With Bejeweled, I must play until I have the highest score among my friends. Always finishing what I started.

5. Symmetry. Everything must be centered. Always.

6. PINK Body Splash - I looooooovvvvvvvveeeeeeeee the way this stuff smells.


  1. COMPLETELY agree with the fan thing! I can't sleep if there isn't the noise of one.

    I'll have to try the pink body splash :)

  2. I clean my nose with a q-tip too! No unfollowing here! ;)

  3. I have a friend that is so competetive that she always tries to beat me on Bejeweled Blitz, once I see she's beat me I'll play until I'm back on top (which is usually until my eyelids are HEAVY)!

  4. ewww Jen your soo gross! "LOL" (had to do it because I know it bugs you)
    I'm unfollowing you...
    -never will I ever!!- ;)

    I think you know I sleep with a fan too, its a MUST!! && I must pee right before bed too everynight. Never tried to q-tip in my nose thing. My little siter wears the pink body splash, that does smell very nice :)

  5. I love Bejeweled Blitz too! It's like an addiction to be #1. Proud to say I just got the highest score of my 24 facebook friends that play with me. LOL.

  6. Hi... I'm Shann and I'm addicted to Angry Birds.