05 January 2011

random & awesome idea

I know that 99.9999% of you couldn't care less about this post but Clemson football is one of the things I'm most passionate about... so there you have it.  With that said, if you are not a football lover... you may want to skip to the end of this post for the awesome idea Krysten came up with at After I Do!

I am so ultimately distressed over Clemson's coaching situation. After the crappy year we have had... we cannot afford to fall apart right now and lose all of our committed recruits for 2011. We currentlly have the 10th best recruiting class in the nation with 23 recruits committed. Four of those recruits have a 4 star ranking by Scout & 3 of them have a 5 star ranking. Among those 3 recruits, 2 are wide receivers & 1 is a running back and those are players our team desperately needs.

Napier (Offensive Coordinator) & Powell (Running Back/Special Teams Coordinator) have both already been fired by Swinney. Humph (DE Coach) resigned and took an offer by Alabama. There are also rumors that Harbison (Defensive End Coach) wants out. Seriously... this cannot be happening.

I was okay with the OC & ST Coordinators being fired because... lets face it... they weren't doing their jobs sufficiently. That is obvious considering our kicker can't make half of the goals he attempts. We have had the first losing season since 1998 and I blame no one but Swinney.

I believe we made a poor choice when we hired Dabo mid-season 3 years ago. We were all hopped up on his passion and his "go-get-em" attitude. However, he is young and inexperienced and has made no improvements to this football team. But the only honorable thing to do in this situation is stick with him and hope for the best. He is trying to salvage his career by firing Napier and Powell... but in order to truly save himself and his job.. he must make a "do or die" decision when choosing the next OC. Unfortunately, it looks like he/we will settle for mediocrity again... especially when you look at the people they have interviewing for the position... no one too exciting or promising.

With our coaches being fired left and right and the ones worth keeping are leaving... our recruiting class is bound to dissipitate. Clemson is known for its high spending booster members and unfortunately... they are also known for those members withholding their money if things don't go their way. Not that I think that is the right thing to do... but I believe CU will feel the ramifications of that next season. I just hope they can pull it together and make some smart decisions when selecting new coaches/coordinators. Any great sports movie will show you that you cannot have a great football team without being a TEAM. & right now... Clemson doesn't have a team. Why would they want to come together when no one has confidence in them or their coaches?

Anyway... enough of that tangent... on to the fun...

Krysten has come up with a neat idea of a Big Sister/Little Sister setup like a lot of sororities have... where you will be paired up with another blogger and act as their Big Sister/Little Sister. It will be a great way to meet new friends and share blogging tips and act as pen pals and send each other gifts and all of that adorable stuff! I think it is a great idea!! If you'd like to be matched up... head on over to her blog (link up above) and sign yourself up!

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