20 January 2011

the pilot's wife by anita shreve

After enjoying The Last Time They Met by the same author... I decided I wanted to read more of her work, as well. I am still casually reading the first of The Sookie Stackhouse Series (the books in which the True Blood series is based upon) by Charlaine Harris but it isn't heart wrenching enough for me... and I pretty much already know what to expect since I have seen the show. Anyway, like I said... I really enjoy more serious, heart wrenching, and moving story lines. I might have something wrong with me... but honestly... the more depressing... the better. So, I went to the library on campus at the university where I work to see if they had any other books written by Shreve. They had The Weight of Water, which is one in particular I would like to read because it is somewhat linked to The Last Time They Met because they have common characters.... but it was checked out. The only other book they had by Shreve was The Pilot's Wife, and so I checked it out.

Here is the summary listed on Oprah.com (it is one of her Book Club selections):

Being married to a pilot has taught Kathryn Lyons to be ready for an emergency, but nothing has prepared her for the late-night knock on her door and the news of her husband's fatal crash. As Kathryn struggles through her grief, a bizarre mystery swims into focus, and she is forced to confront disturbing rumors about the man she loved and the life that she took for granted.

Torn between her impulse to protect her husband's memory and her desire to know the truth, Kathryn sets off to find out if she ever really knew the man who was her husband. In her determination to test the truth of her marriage, she faces shocking revelations about the secrets a man can keep and the actions a woman is willing to take.

I read this book pretty quickly... much more quickly than the first novel. I really enjoyed it in the beginning and it caught my attention far faster than the slow start of The Last Time They Met. However, I was not at all satisfied with the ending. I felt the story truly ended midway through the book and the words that followed were nothing but unnecessary. I felt the author was just writing to take up space in the final pages and the occurances in those pages were irrelevant to the whole theme of the book. However, that is my personal preference and have read many reviews who praise the ending as much as the beginning. All in all, even though the subject matter is depressing and the ending may or may not have been the best option... it is an interesting read with a likeable protagonist and is likely to evoke emotions within yourself... it did for me.

Best quote(s) from the book:
"How do you ever know that you know a person?"
"If you never suspected someone, she realized, you never thought to suspect."


  1. OOh I love all of Anita Shreve's books!

  2. I love to read but have never read any of her books. I will have to check them out on Amazon. Thanks for sharing your review. BTW, I am a brand new follower!