25 January 2011

morning shows, sports, and other randomness

Do any of you listen to radio morning shows? I started listening to morning shows years and years ago when I still lived in Dillon. I would listen to Ace & TJ on 103.3 during my commute to school. I thought they were hilarious and loved listening to them. However, when I moved to the beach... they were not syndicated in my listening area.

After much persuasion by my boss at the time, I started listening to Kidd Kraddick about four years ago. They pretty much talked about the same types of things but it took me a while to enjoy listening to them... I was still partial to Ace & TJ. At first, I felt like they were actually copying a lot of their ideas because both shows have programs that fund a trip for terminally and chronically ill children (& their entire family) to visit Disney World each year & they both have a program around Christmas that helps needy families--they enter their homes while they are at work/school & fill it with tons of food and gifts and decorations. (...not that I am saying those aren't great ideas to copy!) I have since come to realize that most radio shows throughout the entire US participate in similar programs.

Anyway, I have listened to Kidd Kraddick ever since... until recently. Currently, I am hooked on The Free Beer & Hot Wings show. They are hiiiiiiillllllariousssssss. B was listening to them one morning and it didn't take long for me to become hooked. Now... most mornings... we both listen to the show while we are getting ready & then I listen to it during my drive to work.

I'm not sure that the show is everyone's cup of tea because it isn't as "family friendly" as Ace & TJ or Kidd Kraddick. They often crack crude jokes & are sometimes simply mean to people... or about people. But I guess that's what makes me sick and twisted because that is what I enjoy the most about the show.

For example, one day last week... they requested people call in and give their predictions for the Steelers/Jets game. One man called in and wanted to explain why he thought the Jets would beat the Steelers. He used the technical term "stacking the box" (I don't want to get too football technical here but a quick explanation - 'the box' refers to the five yard area on either side of the line of scrimmage... to "stack the box" is to bring in 8 defenders to contain the entire line of scrimmage which can be devastating against a running attack, the option, and screen passes.) & the guys immediately began asking him questions like, "What is stacking the box?" "Is there a box on the field?" "Who is in the box?" and the man (an older man) began describing it and used the word defender... to which the guys began asking questions like, "Defender the video game or Defender the vehicle?" To make a long story short... they were screwing w/ this guy & he absolutely no idea - he thought they were serious & he kept trying to explain what 'stacking the box' was over and over and over again and I don't know why I found this so hilarious but I did. They do this type of thing a lot.

So, if you enjoy this type of humor... you might want to check if they are syndicated in your area and give them a listen one day. The show isn't about sports... they talk about a variety of different things from news stories to TV shows and the media to politics and so forth. I enjoy them quite a bit. Here is there website if you are interested: Free Beer & Hot Wings.

I must mention that my interest in the show might just be a lame side of me because I prefer listening to people talk while I'm in the car over listening to music. During the day, if I am in my car... I am usually listening to Dan Patrick or The Herd. Do you see what living with guys will do to a girl? It has created a sports consumed monster, I tell you.

ANYWAY... I am leaving for Boston (or I should say... Abington, MA to be exact) Thursday night w/ B. We are spending a few days at his sisters house and get to meet her beautiful little girl, Emily Michelle.

There is currently a lot of snow on the ground due to several large snow storms and more snow is expected tonight and tomorrow. We may even be asked if we would be willing to bump our flight until Friday if flights are cancelled in the next day or so due to weather. If we get a free flight voucher out of the deal, I have no problem with that... especially considering there are three night cruises out of Miami to the Bahamas for $149. I will most certainly take a free flight to Miami for a long weekend in March or April. I would love to take a vacation before the summer hits and we are slammed with orientation sessions and I am unable to take off work. There is one in particular that docks in Nassau overnight. I would love to do that... it arrives at noon on Saturday and departs around six on Sunday. I think that would be amazing. It is possible that we will decide to do that even if we don't get a voucher. Spirit Airline flies direct to Miami from Myrtle Beach and B is a member of their $9 fare club and he often finds great deals on flights. Take this weekend for example... we are flying roundtrip to Boston for $49 a person! If you live in an area where Spirit flies... you should look into it. Their planes aren't incredible but they do the job for an hour and half flight.


  1. oh my goodness that is soo cheap! T and I are looking into going somewhere over my spring break in March and I've never been on a cruise, but would love to go! Def doing some research about this stuff tonight! Thanks for sharing girlie! xoxo

  2. you are welcome! yes, check out vacationstogo.com! they have amazing deals!!