27 January 2011

the good, the bad, the ugly

The good: We are leaving tonight for a three day weekend in Boston with B's family.
The bad: There is approximately 4 feet of snow on the ground and I don't know how to act with 4 inches of snow on the ground.
The ugly: The highest temperature it is expected to reach during our visit is 29 degrees and a low of 9 degrees. I don't know how to act when the temp drops to 40 degrees here.

The good: I am able to use a comp day on Monday instead of using one of my vacation days.
The bad: I had to work on the 3rd of this month when other offices did not have to return from Christmas vacation until the 4th.
The ugly: I found out yesterday that we are required to work on a SATURDAY in August because they moved up the day that students return to school from Wednesday to Monday. AND, I have to work for a few hours on an additional Saturday in March for something called "Discovery Day"

The good: I got a Gelac manicure on Tuesday and I love it! + a pedicure & brow wax
The bad: The lady who waxed my brows shaped them a bit thinner than I prefer
The ugly: The level of embarrassment I felt was monumental when it took the man giving me the pedicure a good 10 minutes to slough off all the dead skin on my heels. EW!

The good: B cooked dinner & had it waiting for me when I got home today.
The bad: He cooked chicken parm and I don't like chicken parm.
The ugly: I settled on the only other thing in the house that we had to eat--a Chef Boyardee Spaghetti & Meatballs microwave meal--and managed to break off the tab on the metal lid and couldn't get it open.

The good: I am really enjoying the new show Strange Addictions
The bad: There are actually people who eat random things like toilet paper and chalk and AJAX.
The ugly: There are actually people who have romantic relationships with dolls and enjoy dressing up in fur costumes.

The good: The Jets are out of the playoffs.
The bad: The Jets beat the Patriots.
The ugly: The Steelers are going to Super Bowl. GO PACKERS!

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  1. i watched strange addictions last night and saw that dude that had a plastic girlfriend. poor thing.