04 January 2011

the bachelor vs true blood

NO COMPARISON. It's like comparing apples and oranges, I know...

I started watching The Bachelor last night and I was questioning my sanity with every passing second. Seriously... I wanted to watch it so that I could keep up with it because so many people blog about it... but I just couldn't. If there are people who watch this show for anything other than pure entertainment value, I feel sorry for them. And if they actually believe this show is not scripted, they are delusional.

Honestly? You just found out two seconds ago that Brad was The Bachelor and you already came up with some lame one-liner to throw at him? And that slap the first girl gave him? That slap looked more planned out and phony than the fake throwdowns on WWF wrestling.

I can already tell you how the show will end and I don't have insiders like Reality Steve. The "fang girl" will be kept around a while simply for the shock or "WOW" factor... ya know, just to keep things entertaining. The girl from Charlotte, NC that he couldn't stop complimenting will definitely be one of the top two. Shocking twist of the year? It really isn't Brad this time... it is his TWIN!

I doubt I will waste another second of my time watching another episode. I had to turn it off after the fangs came out and watch another show about fangs that is ten times more interesting.... TRUE BLOOD.

I purchased season two of True Blood on DVD with my Amazon gift card. I watched season one when it was out on HBO and fell in love. However, we canceled HBO for a short while & missed season two. We have since re-subscribed but didn't watch season three because we still hadn't seen season two. So... now we are catching up and have the DVR to record any reruns of season three if/when they air.

I cannot get enough of this show. The acting on True Blood is almost as bad as the acting on The Bachelor but the story line is so great it makes up for it. Any other True Blood fans out there? And Deborah Ann Woll, the actress who plays Jessica Hamby... another red head I love... she is truly stunning. For those of you that don't watch... don't mistake it for another story like Twilight. The two couldn't be more opposite. And if you do happen to give it a chance... don't let the guts and the gore in episode one scare you off... it only gets better.


  1. I love True Blood! I can't wait until it's back on TV!

  2. While I do love me some Bachelor...yesterday was just bad.

  3. true blood is my favorite! and i love that bill and sookie are married in real life! how lucky is she! she gets to make out with bill AND erik! haha