29 December 2010

what i'm loving wednesday

TWO POSTS IN ONE DAY!? You betcha... that's what you get from me when I'm off work for days on end... my boredom gets the best of me & you get to reap the rewards of it! :)

I very rarely join in on What I'm Loving Wednesday because I am usually too consumed with finding amazing pictures for Wordless Wednesday (which is my favorite... I looooovvveee pretty pictures) but since I didn't have to search for them today because I did the recap post... and I'm off work, of course... I had time to do them both! HOORAY!

1. I am loving that I actually have the opportunity to go visit one of my bestest friends today, Nikki! Nikki lives in Dillon (my hometown) and even though it is only an hour drive... it is so hard to find time when we are both off to spend some time together. Since I am off work all week and Brian is working late tomorrow... I thought it would be the perfect time to go visit! Hopefully, I will get a chance to surprise Chapell if she is free tomorrow evening, as well! Although, it won't really be a surprise if she sees this post :) Chapell, if you see this and you haven't heard from me yet and you are free this evening... call me! I love these girls!

Nikki is to my immediate right... so it's
me, Nikki, Corissa, Brandy, and Brett
I will probably get to see Brandy too because they are usually a package deal! :)

Chapell, me, and her sister Summer

2. I am loving that I am going to attempt to make cake pops for my NYE get-together. I got the cake mix and frosting today at Bi-Lo and I got the sticks, candy melts, and sprinkles at Michael's. I also got some Styrofoam to place the pops in as they set... and some cellophane wrap and ribbon so that I can make them as party favors! I decided to make the pops with chocolate cake mix and icing... dip them in white/vanilla candy melt, and cover them with black sprinkles! I certainly hope they turn out all right. I also decided to make candy covered pretzel rods too... since I will already have the candy melts. I think I am going to cover them with the white/vanilla and sprinkle with broken up red and green peppermint candy. I will definitely post pictures of the disaster finished product.

3. I am loving that my dad works at Tuesday Morning and gets great discounts! My dad is a retired guidance counselor/school teacher who works part-time unloading the truck and doing some stocking for Tuesday Morning to keep busy. I'm not sure if you are familiar with the store, but they sell just about anything. It is kind of like a TJ Maxx.. but more like Home Goods because they sell mostly department store housewares but at outlet prices. Anyway, he normally gets a 20% discount but this weekend (starting Thursday) they are having a 50% off sale on their clearance items... so he gets 70% off clearance items this weekend. So, I went today and looked around and picked out a chocolate fondue set that he will get for less than $5. That will be perfect to warm my candy melts!!

4. I am loving that my doctor found a medicine that helps me! I know there are people out there who don't believe in medicine (and that may include some of you followers out there and I totally respect your opinion) but I am a FIRM believer in medicine. I have to be... my mom is bipolar and without drugs... her life would be pure chaos. I have always had a problem with anxiety. I just get very overwhelmed easily... which in turn makes me anxious. I have tried every anti-depressant and anti-anxiety medicine out there to help keep the symptoms at bay. I am currently on Zoloft and it seems to help some. I am also on Ativan for those times when I need something to calm me down quickly. I hate having to take 246571 million pills... I feel like I'm 95 years old. Anyway, long story short... my doctor thoroughly tested me for ADHD. I never in a million years thought I would have that because it is typically something that shows up in childhood. However, that is not always true and even still... sometimes people show signs of the disorder differently than others & it goes undiagnosed. The doctor did a very thorough exam... I had to answer a questionnaire, my parents had to answer one about my behavior as a child, and I had to obtain copies of my report cards from elementary and middle school. I was actually shocked when I looked at test scores from standardized tests I took in middle school. My scores were well below average on impulsivity, listening, and self control. A lot of those symptoms are often signs of ADHD that people seem to overlook. So, my doctor started me on Vyvanse (which is the medicine that is causing me to lose weight) and I can tell a HUGE difference. The weight loss is the only side effect I've noticed. But, I am so much more focused... so more conscientious of the decisions I'm making... and in turn, my anxiety has decreased significantly. Where I was needing an Ativan almost every two to three days, I have only needed to take one two or three times total since I've started the medicine. It is remarkable! In a few months, he is going to try to wean me off the Zoloft to see if I really need it. I'm beyond thrilled & life is so much less stressful now!

5. I am loving that B's sister is in the delivery room as I type this post! We won't know if it is a boy or a girl until the baby arrives. How exciting!! We are traveling to Massachusetts at the end of January to meet the little guy or girl. Update: This was a scheduled post... so it was technically written yesterday... but EMILY MICHELLE entered this world around 6:30 pm last night & baby and mommy are both doing well. She was a week or two early but weighed in at 7 lbs 4 oz. Congrats to Marcus & Sarah!!!

6. I am loving that season two of True Blood arrives today. I cannot wait to catch up on Sookie's schenanigans!

7. I am loving that the weather is going to be warmer this weekend. I know I stated it before... but yesssssss! I won't have to freeze in my cute NYE outfit... whatever that might be!

8. I am loving my dear sweet boyfriend B. He is the first guy I ever dated who treats me the way I deserve and he is the best thing that ever happened to me!


  1. That is awesome about your medicine. There is a Tuesday Morning in the town that I live in but I have never been in there....I guess I need to change that :)

  2. Have fun with Nikki and good luck with those cake pops! I'd like to try those too! Can't wait to see how yours turn out!! :)

    I've had problems with anxiety on and off for about 10 years so I know how you feel. I'm really glad that you're getting it under control! I always said I wouldnt wish anxiety upon my worst enemy!!

  3. Cute blog! I found it through WILW on Jamie's blog. I am so happy that you are finding success with your new medicine! And, the pictures of you and your bf are so cute! Congrats on finding someone so wonderful! :)

  4. I have all the stuff to make the cake balls I just haven't made them yet...I need to!

  5. Thanks for playing along!

    I just love Tuesday Morning :)

  6. Love your loves! Too cute.. Cake pops are actually really easy... I am going to be a follower so I can see how yours turn out!