01 December 2010

Thanksgiving/Gulfport & NOLA

My trip to Mississippi and Louisiana over Thanksgiving was amazing! It was the perfect amount of time away with the perfect balance of down time and FUN time. I am just going to try to give you a recap in a kind of play by play way.

We left Myrtle Beach on Wednesday at 4 a.m. B drove thru SC & GA and then I took over thru AL & MS. The drive wasn’t bad at all—took just about 11 hours—and we only had to stop maybe 3 times… so we made really good time. Since we went thru one time zone, it was only 3 p.m. when we arrived. Once we got to B’s mom’s house, we spent the rest of the day chitchatting with his mom and stepdad and watched some TV. We called it an early night at around 9 p.m. because we were beat.

a road trip isn't a road trip w/out snacks & a Monster

for Bubba

Brady was such a good boy during our long trip

Thursday was obviously Thanksgiving. I woke up pretty early and was excited to watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. After the parade, we all watched the Pats game while B’s mom prepared our feast. When the game was over, we ate dinner and it was all very delicious. We had turkey, dressing, green beans, corn, sweet potato soufflĂ©, mashed potatoes and gravy, crescent rolls, cranberry sauce, pecan pie, apple pie, and apple crisp. Yum, yum! After dinner, we took a nap because that is what you are supposed to do after a Thanksgiving meal. After the nap, we watched more football. Thursday was very relaxing and nice just sitting around watching TV and catching up with B’s family.

our delicious Thanksgiving meal

Friday was our trip to New Orleans to see B’s friend Mikey and his wife, Meaghan. We got to NOLA about 11 a.m. and made our first stop at the French Quarter downtown. The weather was nasty and rainy, but we made the best of it. We got out our umbrella and raincoats and searched for a place to eat lunch. We stopped at the French Quarter Pizzeria and had cheese sticks and cheese pizza. It was delish! After lunch, we walked in a few shops and I got my mom & dad a drawing of NOLA for keeping Baxter. I also managed to snag myself some Clemson beads… they were purple & orange with a Clemson helmet on the end. CUTE! After 30 minutes of walking in and out of stores in the rain, we decided to head on over to Mikey’s. (I really wanted to go on a Post-Katrina tour but there was no way I was doing that in the rain.)

a rainy New Orleans

Mikey & Meaghan only live about 3 miles from downtown NOLA. It was a cute little neighborhood. Once we arrived at their house, the Auburn/Alabama game was coming on… so, we watched the first half there. We left the house at half-time and went to Cooter Brown’s to watch the second half. Cooter Brown’s was a quaint little sports bar w/ TV’s everywhere. After Cooter Brown’s, we went to a place called WOW! because they wanted some wings. (I’m not a big wing eater.) We got a “Beer Tower” to share amongst ourselves. They had wings and I had a Kentucky Sandwich. It was a sandwich with fried chicken, lettuce, cheese, bacon, and ranch dressing. Yum!

After eating dinner, the bar hopping started. We stopped at Ms Mae’s, which was like any other small pool hall. Next, we stopped at Vaughan’s Lounge, which might have been my favorite. It was a true local’s bar, but the decorations were very Mardi Gras-ish with greens and yellows and masks and colored lights. They even had a sign on the door that stated, “Please ring buzzer and show face in window.” Nice!

the only picture I took of us the whole entire trip :(
I suck at taking pictures.

After Vaughan’s, it was time for Bourbon Street. We went back to Mikey’s first and had his dad drive us downtown. (His parents were in town visiting for Thanskgiving.) Bourbon Street wasn’t like anything I had ever seen before… I was in pure amazement! There were so many people milling about with drinks in their hands, dancing in the street, and the bar employees were standing in doorways trying to recruit people to come in. There were multiple cops on horses on every block. We stopped at Tropical Isle for a famous Hand Grenade. We stayed there for a good bit and then decided to move along. Our next stop was at Beach Bar. Beach Bar is the bar that the Real World of New Orleans frequented often. We spent the rest of our Bourbon evening there watching the Boise St/Nevada game. We left once the game was over because people were starting to get patted down before entering & we felt we didn’t really need to be somewhere people had to be patted down before entering. We walked through a few more shops & B bought me some colorful beads with huge peace signs on them. Next, we caught a cab back to Mikey’s neighborhood. Once we got back to their neighborhood, we made one last stop at a neighborhood bar called Snake & Jake’s. It was SO dark in there… it was insane. By this time, we had really had too much to drink so we left before we even finished our beer. We pretty much fell asleep instantaneously once we got home. (I left my camera in my purse at home when we went to Bourbon street on Meaghan's recommendation so that I didn't get mugged :))

I woke up at 8 a.m. the next morning & I was so ready to get back to B’s moms in MS. I was just very tired and wanted a shower badly… so, I woke B up and we headed back. B ended up taking a nap once we got back & I watched some TV. After B’s nap, his mom took us around the local beaches to see Katrina damage. It was very interesting (and also very sad) to see how much damage the storm called… there were so many driveways that led to nowhere but big slabs of foundation where a house had once been. All of the piers were gone and nothing but wood sticking up in the ocean in their place. There were huge live oak trees that were destroyed & a man came thru and turned the stumps into carvings. It was SO interesting! After our little drive, we stopped by Gulfport’s outlets and did a little bit of shopping. We headed back to the house shortly after to prepare for the Clemson/Carolina game.

a picture of only a few of the many carvings

you can't really see from the picture but this was across from the ocean where a lot of homes were destroyed and nothing was left but slab foundations.

I will not go into great detail about how horrible that game was or how disgusted I am with CU’s overall performance this year. We need/needed a new athletic director, new coaches, and a quarterback whose head isn’t somewhere else (like playing baseball with the Colorado Rockies). Eck! Anyway, I was exhausted from not napping earlier in the day, so I decided to take a quick nap before the game started. B woke me up right as the game started & CU already had 7 points on the board… little did I know it would be the ONLY points we scored. I had a tiny ray of hope that they might surprise me. Ha, before long that hope was crushed. I was having a hard time keeping my eyes open and decided I didn’t want to watch the massacre any longer… therefore; I went to sleep at half-time. I wasn’t surprised when I woke up the next morning at 5 a.m. to make the long drive back to find out they lost.

So, we spent all day Sunday driving home. We left around 5 a.m., I drove the entire way, and since we lost an hour due to time change… got home around 6 p.m. Needless to say, I went to bed early and went to sleep satisfied with my trip! 

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