20 December 2010

religion and politics

WARNING: Graphic Content

Most people will say that religion and politics are topics that shouldn't be discussed in social situations. But, I feel that my own personal blog is the perfect place to voice my opinions... it is, after all... my blog. If I can't discuss it here than where can I discuss it? :)

Anyway, I heard on Dan Patrick's radio show the other day that Michael Vick is trying to reverse the judge's ruling that one of the stipulations of his probation is that he cannot own a dog. He wants to reverse the ruling because his daughter wants a pet and he hates not being able to grant her one because of his past. He also believes that owning a dog would be a great rehabilitation process for me. BULL CRAP.

What... is he addicted to dog fighting like a crackhead is addicted to crack? Does he feel that being around a dog would strengthen his willpower to refrain from dog fighting? Nevertheless, the number one thing they tell you in rehab is to stay away from the substance of your addiction and anyone associated with it to prevent a relapse. Your passion for animals? You mean your passion to destroy them?

I don't believe that Vick should ever be allowed to own a dog again. I do not care if he has "paid his dues... served his time..." Violent felons are no longer lawfully able to carry a gun & Vick should no longer be lawfully able to own a dog. His felony was not only violent but down right cruel. I don't see how any human being could willingly breed animals for the sole purpose of killing fighting them. He says in the article that he is not a psychopath... to me, he is the true meaning of the word. You can read the article here: Michael Vick, Convicted Dog Fighter Wants to Own a Dog. After seeing these pictures & video... it truly breaks my heart. I hope Michael Vick is never allowed to own a dog again and that his daughter asks him why every single day for the rest of his life.... let his heart break over and over again.

In other news... our roommate Landon moved back to Kansas today. He graduated on Friday from The Golf Academy and headed back home. As much as his loud friends annoyed me sometimes, I'm gonna miss the big guy! I feel like a mama with Empty Nest Syndrome seeing all his belongings missing. GOOD LUCK LANDON!

I thought I would leave you with a bit of Biblical wisdom that I often tell myelf when I feel forsaken or feel that life has dealt me a rough hand. Maybe it will be just what someone needed to hear... or maybe it will be something that you can keep in mind & tell yourself when you are feeling the same.

God is in control of every detail... no matter how big or small. I do not need to understand why He does what He does to trust in Him. God is perfectly righteous and good and so is everything He does. God owes me nothing... & I owe him EVERYTHING.

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  1. i love me some eagles and some philadelphia sports. i really do. HOWEVER. i hate michael vick with an undying passion. he should NEVER, EVER be allowed to own a pet ever again. he should have thought about the reprecussions of his actions beforehand. allowing him to have a dog because his daughter wants one is just absurd.


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