26 December 2010

post christmas post

I thought I'd give a little recap of my wonderfully blessed Christmas. I didn't really take many pictures like I had hoped to (as always) but I did take a few of my nephew and neices opening gifts, which I will post later.

Our celebration began on Christmas Eve. Me and B drove up to Columbia to spend the day/evening with my family at my brother's house. We ate a late lunch/early dinner and then opened our gifts. It is amazing how much it excites me to watch the little ones open their gifts. They loved them all and nothing could make me happier. I loved my gifts, as well.

My mom & dad got me this gorgeous EternaGold chain from QVC. (She loves QVC.) It is a 14 kt gold necklace that is cut differently than most gold necklaces so that it is more sparkly and resistent to damages. I absolutely love it because it is simple... and I've been wanting a simple necklace that I can wear everyday... and it is eye-catching too! I've already gotten lots of compliments! They also got me a nice silver picture frame, a cedar & balsam candle (and it smells SOOOO good), Clemson hoodie, $200 for clothes, and this book:

Note: I my mom a silver necklace with a pendant of a mother and two children... similar to the Willow Tree figurines. I got my dad a silicone skin for his Kindle.

My brother and Elizabeth (& the kids, of course) got me some candles, aloe infused socks, cucumber melon hand wash, a pizza stone, and a very cute decorative piece for the house. Note: I got my brother a pair of Coastal Carolina basketball shorts & I got Elizabeth my favorite Bath & Body Works Snow Apple Mint candle. Ben got a Jimmy Neutron GameCube game and a pack of Toy Story 3 playing cards of Go Fish and Old Maid. Leigh Anna got a princess lunchbox, an insane amount of Play-Doh, some rock candy, and a few glitter hair bands. Lindsay got a ladybug Pillow Pet. Luke got some texturized balls.

B did well too! He got several Carolina t-shirts & a sweatshirt, a Boston hat, a Patriots decal for his Jeep, a Jamey Johnson CD, and his favorite... a pirate sucker!

We left about 6 and drove home... so we got back around 9. I had planned to go out that night, but we were exhausted from traveling so we rented Easy A (I had already seen it but Redbox was slacking on selections & I wanted to see it again) & Killers and stayed in.

The next morning we woke up early and opened the gifts we got each other... and the ones from B's family. We didn't travel to see them because we went to Mississippi over Thanksgiving to see his mom & we are traveling to Massachusetts at the end of January because his sister is having a baby... well, any day now! So, we will get a chance to see everyone else then.

I loved all of my gifts. B's mom & stepdad spoiled me. They got me a pair of black Bearpaw boots similar to Uggs, a Patriot's top, some jewelry, and the cutest Lolita Christmas ornament:

We got B's mom the Breast Cancer Philosophy body wash (100% of proceeds go to breast cancer research) and got his stepdad a fishing rod. We got his sister a necklace similar to the one I got my mom but with one child instead of two. We got his brother-in-law a driving manual (inside joke) and a Timberland winter hat to wear when he plows. I got his Nan the same thing I got his mom because she is a breast cancer survivor.

His dad & stepmom got me a $50 gift card to Amazon. That will definitely come in handy... actually, I have already used some of it and purchased season two of True Blood on DVD. We canceled HBO after we had seen the first season... we have since got it back but missed season two... so we never watched season three... so now we have to catch up!

His Nan & Pa got me the cutest tops from PacSun. Unfortunately, because of the medicine I am taking... I am losing weight (well that isn't the unfortunate part)... but everything was too big so I have to exchange them. Even the stuff I e-mailed B to get me with sizes included were too big and I have to exchange those too. They also got both me & B cute ornaments, as well! I got one of a Jack Russell Terrier for Baxter and he got one of a Greyhound for Brady.

B got me a pair of dress pants from the Limited, two tops from AE, and two of those candles from Bath & Body Works that I thought were sold out. He said he had to go to several different stores to find them, but he did!! :) I got him a jacket from The Gap, a DVD about the Patriots superbowls, a book about the history of the team and a Mr. Potato Head with a Pat's helmet & jersey.

He got some great stuff from his family too... two pairs of nice dress shoes, a few t-shirts, a backpack, a $100 gift card to Bass Pro Shop where he bought a fire pit and his brother got us a gift card to Cracker Barrell. I know I am forgetting about a lot of the stuff he got but we both were very blessed and made out well!!

To end... I thought I'd post the cuteness I purchased with the money my mom gave me for clothes... I got half from Forever21 and half from Victoria's Secret.

Forever 21 Ruffle Y-Neck Top
currently sold out

can be worn as halter, strapless, crossback, and one strap

I realize it is a tube top and 20 degree outside but thought it would look cute under the cream colored cardigan from Forever21.

Again... cute under black cardigan

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