03 December 2010

the keratin debacle... question for you

So, do you guys remember when I got the Keratin Complex treatment a little over a month ago and the stylist offered to do it for free only to charge me when I actually took her up on the offer? I know (because I went back and checked) that I updated you guys on her response about it all being a misunderstanding and offering to give a highlight and lowlight process for free. I have still gone back and forth about whether I would take her up on that offer and/or return to her as a client. Well, she called me up last night.

She said she was calling all of her clients to give them a routine reminder that it had been about six to seven weeks since coloring their hair and wanted to know if they would like to schedule an appointment. (I'm not sure if I believe she was actually calling all of her clients or if she was just calling me because she wanted to know if I would be returning to her.) I never responded after she wrote me back about the "misunderstanding." She said she wanted to make very clear that I still had a free color process available and that she really hopes I return to her because she values me as a client. She also asked if I got her e-mail (I told her I did) and she asked if I wanted to schedule an appointment. I declined at the moment, stating that I wasn't sure when I would be free to have it done. She politely said okay and asked if I still had her number and told me to text her whenever I wanted to come in.

I was actually pretty impressed that she took the time to call me and let me know that she values my business. However, I am still pretty upset about the whole thing. I understand that misunderstandings do occur... it may have been me... it may have been her... that really is not the issue here... but I'm still getting over the shock of having to fork over $300 when I didn't expect it.

My question to you guys is... What would YOU do? I really like how she does my hair and I know that good hair stylists can be hard to find. BUT- I most certainly don't want something like this to happen again (not that I think it would because that would be mighty hard to do twice) and not only that... how awkward is it going to be going back there after this? Ugh... I just don't know. What do you guys think?


  1. I am so glad you like your ornament!! I am out of town right now but I can't wait to get home to see mine!!

  2. woww. that's tough! i think i would have a VERY difficult time going back to her after a $300 shocker. although it does seem like she's reaching out to you, so maybe you could give her one more chance (via the free highlights) and if your experience is better this time around, reconsider?

    ..and how did you like the keratin treatment? I think I'm going to have it done in January!