19 December 2010

JJ's Favorite Things

I felt inspired to do an Oprah's Favorite Things styled post... but with my favorite things, of course. *Side note: The majority of these items are items I do not currently own but merely dream to own.... one day... no matter how unlikely.


Tom's Natural Burlap Classics

VS's PINK! NFL Collection

(although I would never have anywhere to ever wear them...)


Redbox Rentals


love for the Little Blue Box

Watch Lock Charm & Chain  need it... want it... gotta have it


Philosophy Shower for the Cure Shower Gel
100% of the proceeds for this product are donated to Women's Breast Cancer Research

I have used this brush for the past ten years.
It is the best styling brush I'ver ever found...
especially for bangs.
You can find it at Sally Beauty Supply.

the best that's out there


Hersey's Candy Cane Kisses

Amazon Prime Membership

only 8 months until I'm eligible for the upgrade

no longer available online
you can still purchase the 4 oz.

Word Feud app on the Droid


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  1. i love that louis vuitton bag, too. it's my save save save item.... someday i will own it!


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