06 December 2010

it's beginning to look a lot like christmas

I just thought I'd post a few pictures of my Christmas decorations... I keep it pretty simple. :)

sorry it's crooked :)

reindeer on the mantle

adding a little Christmas flare to my everyday decor + mr. snowman
disregard my african elephants in the back

wreath over fireplace

tree without the lights turned on
all of our ornaments are different and some are over 20 years old

blurry... but with lights on :)
can you tell that I'm a professional photographer?

mr. and mrs. claus

does anyone else have these collector items from hardee's
like from wayyyy back in the day?
poor thing is missing his nose
we used to have two but i have no idea where the other one is...

& last but certainly not least
my ornament from Just Lovely's ornament exchange

Lyndsey from the New Mrs. Wade got me this adorable ornament!!
I love it!
& it was wrapped in the cutest wrapping everrrr...
thank you again Lyndsey... it's perfect.


  1. 1. i always wanted an advent calendar/christmas countdown when i was little. my kids will have one for sure.

    2. your decor is so cute.

    3. i definitely had those reindeer. we had a boy and girl. i think my mom retired them to the attic forever.

    4. i love that ornament you got. so cute!

  2. Hi Jen my boardieLove!!! Thanks :). I love your home decor. I put up stockings, 2 little trees and garland around the stair banister and my 5 roommates have done NOTHING but they have expressed what else we should get... Grrr I'm not doing anything else!! That stinks you got NO SNOW what s bummer!!! I didn't know NC got so cold. It snowed all day but nothing stuck. Thank goodness. Luv ya!!!!