18 December 2010

christmas parties

Hello ladies (and gentlemen, if there are any of you out there)! I hope you all are having fun getting prepared for the Holiday season! I finally finished all of my shopping today. I still have a few things to ship to family up in Massachusetts (B's family) but as far as deciding and purchasing... I am finished. Hallelujah!

I can't wait to share what I purchased for everyone but will have to wait until after Christmas... many of them read my blog. I will say this... I purchased two of the 2 for $20 3-wick candles from Bath and Body Works. I used the Vanilla Shortbread for my gift exchange at work and I planned to keep the second one, Snow Apple Mint. It is HANDS DOWN THE BEST SCENTED CANDLE I HAVE EVER SMELT. I ended up giving it as a portion of my sister-in-law's gift thinking I would just buy myself one later. Imagine my luck... I looked today online today and the only ones they have left are the small 4 oz. ones. They are sold out of the bigger ones. I plan on going to the store at the mall tomorrow and if they have them... I will clean them out!! :)

We had work parties on both Thursday and Friday. On Thursday, the party was for all of Student Service employees... which includes both Admission and Financial Aid. We had to bring a dish and a $10 gift for the exchange if we wanted to participate. That was the party that I took the B&B candle. I had one of the last numbers... #34 out of #38... I still didn't end up with anything great because they enforced the "once it's stolen twice, it can't be stolen anymore" rule. There were a few good gifts... a CCU fleece pullover, 80's Scene It board game... a lot of wine bottles. I ended up with a black wicker plate with tan and black decorative balls. It was pretty cute. I took a copycat recipe of Ruby Tuesday's Ham & Pea Pasta Salad, which can be found here. It is my faaaaavvvvooorrrrrite. I leave out the peppers and the peas because I don't care for them. I don't use Ruby Tuesday's french fry seasoning either... I just buy Lawry's from the grocery store. I also add about a cup of shredded cheddar cheese. It is delish!

Friday was the work party for just the Financial Aid office only. Same kind of deal really... we brought a dish and brought a $5 gift for the gift exchange. I took Paula Deen's recipe of Bobby's Pimento Cheese, which you can find here. It is so quick and easy to make and always gets tons of compliments. You can Google the recipe to make Paula Deen's House Seasoning so that you don't have to buy it. It only consists of black pepper, salt, and garlic powder.

For the gift exchange, I brought a $5 black/white paisley coffee mug. I ended up with an electric wine opener like the one pictured below. The CCU fleece was regifted at yesterday's party and at one point I had it... buttttt, it was stolen from me.

We also had a Christmas sock contest and I was pissed that I didn't try harder because the "winner" (we all voted) won a $25 gift card to Outback Steakhouse! I was so very nice and made my co-workers mason jars with ingredients to make chocolate chip cookies inside. I had to make them for all 15 employees because it wouldn't be right to bring some of them a gift and not the rest of them. I was very excited about it until I was about half way through and it was taking me forrrrrreeeevvverrrrrr and I really wanted to stop but couldn't. It seriously took me a total of about 4-5 hours (no exaggeration) to make them. I spent my time Wednesday after work filling the jars with the ingredients. It took me until 10 pm to do just that. I added the fabric, ribbon, and hand wrote the recipe on Thursday. That took quite a while, as well. On top of that, each night I had to prepare my dish for the party. Needless to say, as fun as they were... I am glad that the parties are over with... I'm exhausted!!

(I know I've said it on multiple occassions but my photography skills really need work.)

In unrelated news, I finally got my hair colored today. I ultimately decided not to return to the stylist who did the Keratin treatment... even though she offered me a free color service... it's not worth it in the end. I didn't wanna go and sit there with discontent or for our conversation to be awkward... and I really just couldn't bring myself to do it. So, I went back to a stylist that I went to a few years ago who always did a great job on my hair. The only reason I stopped going to her was because I never went to the part of town her salon is located anymore... but I will make that trip for a happy hair visit! :) Not only that, but she is quite a bit cheaper than most places. It typically costs me $110-$130 to get my hair cut, colored, and styled. She gave me highlights and lowlights today, along with a cut... and only charged me $90. I'm really happy with the decision I made and my hair color!

Also, I forgot to tell you guys that my doctor put me on Vyvanse for ADHD. I was skeptical at first because I never really thought I had a problem with attention... but I've learned that adult ADHD is a lot different than it is in children with ADHD. The symptoms are completely different and have a lot to do with impulsiveness and being easily bored and subtle things like that. He gave me a test and I was amazed when he told me that I had answered 'yes' to almost every question that indicated a symptom associated with adult ADHD.  Anyway, since I started Vyvanse about 3 weeks ago... I have only had to take my anxiety medication once. That is REMARKABLE! I am so very pleased!! :) I just wanted to share some good news!

That's all for now!

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