11 November 2010

work chatter

oh the joy this week has been in the office (even w/ me out sick for two days). apparently, it is registration week for freshman. we don't normally run into many problems with upperclassmen because they have already been through everything once or more. well, students who haven't completed the necessary steps to have their loan funds released (i.e. signing a promissory note) are having issues registering for their classes because there is a hold on their account until they complete these steps and/or pay the remaining balance. therefore, we have a lot of irate students and/or parents calling and coming into our office. we have been called incompetent, useless, and everything else under the sun. however, we have sent all students several e-mails and phone calls if they have things that are needed. nevermind the fact that it isn't our fault that students don't do what they are supposed to do and have to scramble at the last minute to get into their classes because of it. yesterday i had a student in front of me crying and then asked me to speak with her mother. when i spoke to her mother, she was crying too... saying can you please help my daughter because i am not there to hold her hand and walk her through it?? helllloooo... that is why your daugther is in the predicament she is in right now. you can't do everything for your daughter and you gotta let her learn responsibility at some point. anyway, i digress. FUN TIMES!

i did get a funny call today to help ligthen the load. this old lady called and i answered the phone. she starts off saying how she was on medicare but then they switched her to medicaid and now they've dropped it all and she has no drugs and no money and no help. can we help her? i said, "ma'am i think you may have dialed the wrong number. this is the financial aid office at such and such university. who are you trying to reach?" and she replies with, "well... whoever can help me. i looked in the phone book and saw financial aid and thought maybe you could help. i apologize." and hung up. and y'all she was serious! i thought i would die. HIGH-la-rious.

and the biggest news of all:
when i came back to work on wednesday, i got called to the "principal's office." my boss, wendy, told me she had to talk to me about some stuff. she proceeded to tell me that my position in the office is changing. she will no longer be my boss and her boss will actually be my new boss. i am moving across the hall to another office (don't ask why our office is split in two, but it is) and i will have a new title. old title: financial aid counselor. new title: operations assistant. what is an operations assistant you may ask? well... let me tell you, it isn't as exciting as it sounds. basically, i won't be seeing students anymore. i will helping the "behind the scenes" people process loans and verification. (if you don't know what verification is, don't ask. that is a whole 'nother can of worms that could constitute a whole post chapter.)

i'm not sure how i feel about this change quite yet... and i probably won't know how i feel until it actually happens (which will be within the next two weeks). there are some pros and cons here.

pros: no more irate students. no more orientations throughout the summer. i think i will like the actual work better because it is more hands on and will keep me busy.

cons: at the present time, i don't know who i will be sharing an office with. i will be moving away from my beloved co-workers that i have come to know and love. (even though the "people across the hall" are my co-workers too, i don't spend nearly as much time w/ them and i'm not nearly as close.) the verification coordinator doesn't seem too happy about me moving over there. i cannot stand one of the men who work over there... he is one of those know-it-all type's. however, i was assured that i will not be sharing an office w/ him.

it appears there are more cons at this point but who knows?? i may end up loving it. i am trying to keep an open mind about it because there isn't really much i can do about it at this point. this is in no way a promotion or a pay raise. bummer. but i was also assured that this change is not because i am not doing a satisfactory job but because they feel i will be better suited for the other job. it is probably my own fault because i am constantly asking my boss to give me busy/computer work. anyway... that about sums it all up!

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  1. our number gets mixed up with a local dermatologists office ALL. THE. TIME. i've had many an occassion where an old lady will call and go all into her skin "conditions" and then i kindly give them the correct number.


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