04 November 2010

smorgasbord post

This is such a random blog about a lot of random stuff. It's so funny... I will be riding down the road letting my mind wander & think about something totally off the wall. My next immediate thought is - a blog topic! DORK.

So here are a few things that I've thought about lately combined in one post:

#1 Sleeping Position

The way I sleep cracks me up. I am definitely a "fetus position" sleeper, but what makes my position so hilarious is where my right arm is placed. See... growing up, I had this pillow. It was kind of my Linus blanket... if you will. I could not sleep without that thing. I took it everywhere with me. It came with some sleeping bag of my brother's & was the perfect size to wrap in your arms like a teddy bear. It was hideous. It was a burgundy color with ducks all over it. But, it was soft and the perfect size and I loved it.

After getting years of much use, it started to fall apart. There were these huge holes that the stuffing would come out of & I was devastated. So, I took a trip to Wal-Mart. I bought one of those t-shirt pillow cases (because it was soft material) and dumped the pillow, holes and exploding stuffing and all, into the t-shirt pillow case. I cut it to fit the "duck" pillow and I sloppily sewed it up with mismatched thread. This was not when I was a young child either. I was probably 19 or 20. I still could not bare to sleep w/out my pillow.

Anyway, around the age of 24, the t-shirt pillow case was starting to fall apart as well. I didn't care. I still slept with the t-shirt pillow case... not only was stuffing falling out now, but a ragged 20 year old burgundy duck covering was falling out too. My dear sweet dad brought home a pillow one day that was the same size and material as my duck pillow & begged me to throw away that undoubtedly bacteria infested pillow. Nope... I couldn't do it. I tried to use the new pillow, but it just wasn't the same.

That pillow is still somewhere at my parent's house (if my dad didn't throw it out) but some time, some how... I learned to sleep without it. Unfortunately, my body has not. Therefore, I sleep in the fetus position with my right arm crossing my chest and my hand resting on my shoulder as if the duck pillow is still beneath my arm.

#2 Worn Out TV Shows  (Spoiler alert: If you are behind on any seasons of How I Met Your Mother, Dexter, or Weeds - you might want to bypass this section.) 

Don't you just hate it when a show you once loved turns into a dud and you know there can't be much life left in them!? A few of my favorites have not been living up to snuff this year. The first one I watched take a turn for the worse is How I Met Your Mother. It actually took its turn last year. Oh, how I love Barney and his witty disrespectful take on women. But, I hated him with Robin. I will always want her to end up with Ted. Somehow this show went from being centered around Ted and his quest for a soul mate... to Ted always getting the shitty crappy end of the deal... to who the heck even cares at this point? And what is up with the scenes when they break out in song? Is this a musical? No! It's a sitcom. Give me some funny... not some lame. I'm over it.

The next show on my list is Dexter. I haven't given up on the show just yet... but I'm struggling. It's just not the same to me without Rita. And I'm tired of Deb hooking up with men who are a) serial killers or b) on Dexter's trail. I feel like the seasons are starting to replay themselves... it's getting old and tired. I feel like Quinn is going to end up dead just like Doax did... and then that will be third man she dated that gets killed. Poor Deb, again. I'm still curious to see how this whole Julia Stiles plot plays out... will they hook up? Is she the next damaged girl that he takes under his wing? Or is he going to hook up w/ the Nanny he loves so much... only to have to explain his whereabouts at all times like he did with Rita? These questions might be enough to keep me watching... but probably not for long. 

LA Times says differently:
"Dexter's" problems are proving a boon for Showtime.
The serial-killer drama unfurled its fifth season Sunday with its best-ever season-opener ratings. A total of 1.8 million viewers tuned in, according to the Nielsen Co. Another 575,000 watched a rebroadcast at 11 p.m., for a same-night total of 2.3 million. 
That was a bit below the record-breaking Season 4 finale (2.6 million), in which Dexter (Michael C. Hall) found his wife murdered. But it was Showtime's best season premiere in 15 years and the network's most-watched program so far this year.

The last show on my list is Weeds. Nancy Botwin is one strong women. I love Nancy... but this season is simply boring. There isn't much action going on... I need some cliffhangers... more violence... more close calls. There haven't been any. The season's of Weeds are relatively short & they better gain some momentum in the upcoming episodes or I have a feeling that this show will be falling flat.

On the flip side, what are some of your new favorite shows?
I am really enjoying The Big C. It is trumping Weeds right now, in my opinion.

& two shows that aren't airing at the present moment but that I think will last longer than the above will:
Breaking Bad & The US of Tara

Side note: Sorry if that last bit sounded too much like an article out of TV Guide

#3 Post-wash Keratin Update

Despite the whole declaring bankruptcy thing (I'm kidding!), I'm pretty impressed with my hair. Monday was a rough one... my whole body felt dirty because I hadn't washed my hair in 3 days. It was disgusting. But after I washed it Tuesday morning and blow dried it... I was amazed. It was remarkable. It took me maybe 10 minutes to blow dry it and I didn't even have to TOUCH IT UP with the flat iron. I am out the door so much quicker now. Today was a test too -- it rained & no frizz. Remarkable. I recommend it for those of you who have thick, coarse, wavy hair like me. Is it worth the money? Maybe. But I'm cheap! :)

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