23 November 2010

Love & Other Drugs

OK, does anyone want to see Love & Other Drugs as much as I do? I knew I had to see it the minute I saw Jake Gyllenhaal was in it. He is one of my favorites & since you already know that I love Taylor Swift... as much as some cringe at the thought... I hope the rumors are true. However, I haven't always been a huge Anne Hathaway fan because--for some reason--I always felt like she was uppity. (Yes, that is a word... I just looked it up to be sure... as I often do when blogging.) Anyway, she was on Kidd Kraddick in the Morning today and I loved her. She was really funny & seemed very down to earth. So, I thought I would pay homage to her on the blog.

(Again, I googled. I sit here typing and sometimes these words pop into my head and out onto the computer screen. I often wonder where they came from and how I even know how to use them correctly. But surprisingly enough, more times than not... I didn't need to Google them because obviously my brain is smarter than I give it credit.)

My favorite Anne Hathaway movie? The Princess Diaries
As corny as it might make me, I love love love love love it. I love those teenybopper movies. Another favorite teenybopper movie of mine? Sidney White. If you haven't seen it already, and you like those movies as much as I do, you should.

Interesting facts about A. Hathaway (because I'm obsessed with learning about celebrities):

She is 28 years old.
She was born in Brooklyn, NY.
She is a vegetarian.
She was raised Catholic and in her early teen years actually considered being a nun.
She gave up on the idea of becoming a nun at 15 when her older brother admitted to being gay.
She felt she could not be a part of a religion that condemned her brother's sexual orientation.
She currently states her religion as a "work in progress."
She was the first teenager admitted into the Barrow Group Theater Company's acting program.
She spent several semesters studying as an English major and Women's Studies minor at Vassar.


  1. i'm not a BIG Anne Hathaway fan either. i like most of her movies, but when she does interviews and stuff she gets on my nerves for some reason. but i do want to see this movie. she was on Chelsea Lately last night and it sounded like a good little flick.

  2. I want to see Love & Other Drugs sooooo bad!! LIKE I MUST SEE IT THIS THANKSGIVING BREAK!!! no ifs, ands, or buts!!!
    LOVE YA my boardie luv! xox :)

  3. I really love Anne Hathaway (and jake too haha). I really enjoy watching her interviews and the work she does for the gay community is awesome. Some favorites of mine that she has been in are Devil Wears Prada, Princess Diaries (I love teeny bopper movies too), Brokeback Mountain, Valentine's Day, Alice in Wonderland ... and the list goes on haha

  4. I wanna see Love and Other Drugs. I also want to read the book the movie is based on.

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