16 November 2010

Job Switch Update

I am actually getting excited about my job duties changing... now that I am learning more about it & not caught so off guard. I learned who I am sharing an office with today and they are probably my most favorite co-workers over there "on the other side." That's good news!

I made sure to ask today that this change wasn't due to anything I had done wrong. They assured me it was not and if anything... was a great opportunity for me because I will be trained in many different areas of financial aid, whereas many of our employees are not. That will be huge advantage for me if I decide to stay in the realm of financial aid.

I also had a small training session in verification today. I don't think it's going to be so bad... and maybe even fun to do at times! Anyway, the whole point of this pointless post was to say that I am gradually warming up to the new changes & I will have more privacy at my desk & the move should be taking place by the middle of next week!

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  1. From 1 carolina girl to another...hey! i'm your newest follower!! :)