18 November 2010

it's a small world after all...

The most wonderful thing happened this week. So, let me give you the back story. Years and years ago... back when the Internet first started & all anyone had was AOL, I was a member of this AOL board group. It was just a bunch of girls who stumbled upon it from various areas of the US. We would share quotes and vent about our lives to each other. It was really wonderful because it gave us a place to go to discuss whatever was bothering us without worrying about what you said might affect your personal life. No one knew you personally... so everyone was open-minded and gave you honest advice. It was fabulous & got me through a lot of hard times. It might sound a little odd to you... but us girls really connected & considered each other great friends & there are a few that I keep in contact with til this very day.

Anyway, someone from the group started a Facebook group for us "Boardies" (as we called ourselves) and they added girls they'd kept in contact with & so on & so forth. Well, it turns out there is over 50 of us girls. ANDDDDD one of them just so turns out to be Miss Katie whose blog I have been following for a while now & never knew it was her!!! INSANE. & so wonderful... go check out her hottness at Jersey Blonde! I am so excited over this!!! It really is a small, small world...


  1. Jenn!!! Your so sweet. I still think it's crazyyy and I think right before u said something on fb I looked at your blog. I'm sooo inlove with us finding each other again. I still need to blog about it! Luv ya

  2. that is so cool! and i feel the same way about my blog buddies...y'all give me the best advice w/o feeling like you may hurt my feelings. :)

  3. that was definitely one of the best parts of my week, the "boardie" group! so glad to be back in touch with everyone!

  4. YAY! Thats awesome! I am totally loving the fact that we all reconnected!!!! I think its amazing that as adults we all still have the same respect & love for eachother we did as tweens!!! :) <3


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