11 November 2010

& the award goes to....

ME! :) My dear sweet Beth awarded me the Stylish Blogger Award. I am sure she was just doing it to be nice because I am one of the least fashionable people I know :D Everything I did learn, I learned from my BFF Chapell, so I  must give credit when credit is due.

1. List 7 Facts.
2. Pass to 10 bloggers.

Beth listed 7 style facts about her...so I'll do the same.

I never wear lipstick.
I hate the texture of it & the way it makes my lips feel.
I constantly wear Carmex or some type of chapstick.
On occasion, I will wear a slightly tinted lip gloss... but that's rare. 
I am obsessed with long dangly earrings.
I think it is the perfect accessory to dress up your outfit.

My closet is organized by colors and types.
Jeans, dress pants, dress shirts, casual shirts, polos, etc.
My favorite jeans are William Rast.
They fit my body type perfectly.
love, love, love, love, love.
I am fanatic about nail polish.
In the past two weeks, I've ordered three Opi polishes from Amazon.
I rarely wear it on my nails, but my toes are always changing.
I've always had bangs.
I look hideous without them.
I grew them out when I was 16 and they only lasted several weeks.
My favorite colors to wear are the simple black and white.
Passing this award to these stylish blog buddies...

7. The Undomestic Momma

If you're not following any of these stylish blog ladies, you should be!


  1. hi! i'm your newest follower, and am love love loving your blog! thank you for writing!

  2. you are stylish my friend!

    and i LOVE William Rast jeans too! they are my fave and make my butt look nice and juicy. :)