11 October 2010

Worst Weekend Recap Ever

My weekend wasn't the best in the world... I am being super dramatic when I say it was the worst weekend ever... but it definitely wasn't one to write home about. B went home to Boston for the weekend for his dad's birthday. I didn't go with him because I didn't have any vacation time and I had to work today (Columbus Day) unlike him. So, I was desperate to get out of town & not be stuck in the house all weekend with my roomie's. I finally talked Veronica into going to Raleigh, NC with me to watch Clemson play UNC on Saturday. WHAT A WASTE OF TIME :) Granted... I had a good time (despite the drive there & back) but Clemson lost & looked terrible & I have vowed not to watch another football game for the rest of the season. My heart just can't take it.

To make matters worse, our rival team -South Carolina- beat the number one team in the nation-Alabama.

Clemson has no hope this year. NO HOPE. Oh well... there's always next year. "First off, I'm extremely embarrassed. This team deserves better, Clemson deserves better, the fans deserve better." - Dabo Swinney You SHOULD be embarassed.

Anyway, enough about that. We drove home after the game because I felt like crap. My throat was hurting, my sinuses were killing me... and still are. I stayed in bed all day yesterday watching TV. Neededless to say, it wasn't the best weekend in the world.


  1. sorry you're feeling sucky! i feel like i'm getting a cold too. :(

  2. for the throat make a honey and lemon mixture!! heat it up a little bit, it works like a charm!! helps with colds in general too ... i've been using that since i was little haha. feel better!