05 October 2010

Weekend Recap

Hey ladies! This weekend was INSANE. Fun... but INSANE. It will be a lonnnnng time before I drink again. I will just put it that way :) I decided to have a tailgate party at the house for the Clemson game because I couldn't be there in person. It really didn't turn into a "party" because no one showed up... :) I don't blame them--it was a noon game... but me and my roommates still had a good time. My friend Veronica came over around 4ish and then that evening... we all went out for my friend Tara's birthday. We won't talk about the outcome of the Clemson game. There is always next year... I'm a little too accustomed to using that excuse. Anyway... here are some pics:

reuniting with my old friend Savannah :)


me and my roommate Landon

B, me, and our two roommates

most of the girls

B can never take a normal picture

me and both our roommates - Jeff & Landon

allll the girls & my devil eyes

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