18 October 2010

Weekend Recap - Bog Off

FRIDAY - After work, I got my hair done by a new hair stylist and I loved her!! I got some lowlights put in and underneath... I got dark throughout for the fall season. It turned out looking great! I didn't get any pictures taken at all this weekend because my camera battery is dead & I was too lazy to charge it. But I promise that I will charge it soon & post some pics! The girl that did my hair also offered to give my hair that new Keratin complex treatment for FREE! That treatment runs about $250 & she offered to do it for FREE. I think she just knows how good it would be for me (my hair is super thick, curly, damaged) & that I would love it & continue to go back and get it done again and again. Here is a before & after picture, as well as a link to the website if you want to find out more info about it:

Anyway, after I got my hair done... me, B, and Veronica went out for a little while... nothing too exciting & didn't stay out too late.

SATURDAY - I slept in & got up just in time to watch the Clemson/Maryland game. I wasn't even sure if I was going to watch it because they suck so bad this year... but I couldn't bear not to either. The game turned out great... we won 31-7 & C.J. Spiller was recognized w/ the retiring of his jersey. Oh how I miss CJ!

My family was in town this weekend, so after the game, me & B took my nephew and two neices to the "Loris Bog Off" festival. It is a small town festival where people bring their homeade chicken bog and compete over which is the best! (For those of you that don't already know, chicken bog is a dish that is mainly made in the South, & consists of chicken, rice, and sausage. Some people mix it up with different things... but those are usually the basic ingredients.) The kids had a great time & we stuffed them with boiled peanuts and cotton candy and funnel cakes before dropping them back off with my brother. I am sure he was thrilled! :) 

After the "Bog Off", me & B went back to the house to watch the South Carolina/Kentucky game. The heavens blessed me that night by knocking South Carolina off their pretty little pedastel after last week's win against Alabama. Sorry Cock fans! :) I know that Clemson is the lesser team this year & that we have no shot of beating them this year... but it is hard to watch Clemson lose & Carolina win every week.

SUNDAY - The whole day was spent watching NFL football. AND the Pats pulled off the win. I still think Brady is sexy with his Bieber hair. 

And that pretty much sums up my weekend... I hope you guys had a grand one!

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  1. I've had the Keratin treatment before too! I liked it. However, I didn't like how flat and lifeless it made my hair. It sure did cut down on the frizziness. I should get it done again, but it is just a lot to pay.