30 October 2010

keratin update

To say I am pissed off is slightly an understatement. Remember how I said that the hair stylist offered to do the Keratin treatment free of charge? Well, she lied. After saying, "You're all set" and tipping her $30, the cashier says, "That will be $285.00." I looked at the hair stylist and she simply smiled. I should have said something instead of handing over my debit card, but I said nothing. I was in shock. I mean, what if I hadn't been paid that day and didn't have that kind of money in my account? I probably would have ended up trying the treatment out at some point on my own... but it would have been after I had set aside the money to do it. I wasn't expecting to pay anything for it and it was a huge hit on my bank account. I finally broke down and e-mailed her about my disappointment this morning, but of course, I haven't gotten any type of response. I'm bummed out because I really liked her too. To top it off, she previously stated that they had a new treatment that you only had to leave on your hair for 8 hours before washing. Yesterday, she tells me that I have to wait until Tuesday morning to wash my hair. I am not allowed to put it up or put any type of product, barrette, etc. in my hair until then either. What kind of Halloween costume can I put together (at the last minute, of course) that doesn't include putting something in my hair? Grrrrr...

Other than that, it is hard to say how I feel about it at this point. It is stick straight, but at the same time, sort of feels greasy because of the product that I cannot wash out until Tuesday. I suppose I will have to wait until Tuesday to give you an affirmative answer. Wish me luck on finding a costume that I can work with tonight!

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  1. Mine was like that too! I had a job where I had to wear a headset. I was so mad because I didn't want it to mess my hair up.