31 October 2010

happy halloween! & mini-keratin update

Happy Halloween!!

I hope you lovely ladies had a blast this weekend! I ended up going out with my girlfriends because B had to work. I finally threw something together yesterday afternoon at the last minute. Since I couldn't do anything with my hair, I decided to buy some 80's accessories and go as an 80's rock star/JEM theme. We are going to an 80's themed birthday party out of town in a few weeks & I figured I could recycle my costume. I will probably end up changing it up a little bit & I will be able to do something 80ish with my hair by then... so it will be a change of some sort w/out spending a lot of money.

I went to Claire's and purchased some rainbow colored leg warmers, black tights, rainbow beaded necklace, black finger-less glove. I also stopped by Wal-Mart and picked up some hot pink nail polish, eyeshadow, and lip gloss. It was a success... although there were quite a few people who thought I was supposed to be Rainbow Brite. Oh well! Here are a few pictures from last night:

me & the roomies - Jeff & Landon

me & Veronica (Alice in Wonderland)

our long lost friend Jamie (Little Red Riding Hood)
Carlie (Dirty mouth? Clean it up!) & myself

me & Jeff

Jessie (my 80's BFF) & myself

In addition, I found a few pictures from Veronica's birthday last weekend that I never uploaded.

cutest little cupcake ever!

singing happy birthday & blowing out candles :)

the birthday girl!

all you can eat crab legs (which I did not partake in because I do not like crab legs)

Side note: my favorite part of Halloween is tonight - getting to give out candy to the 'Trick or Treat' kiddies & seeing their adorable costumes!

Keratin update -
Despite my frustrations over the whole having to pay for it ordeal, I got lots of compliments on my hair last night! I am starting to feel the effects of having not washed my hair since Friday morning though. Especially after going out last night... I must remember to spray my hair with body spray before work tomorrow to get rid of cover up all the cigarette smoke. I can only imagine the greasiness or flatness that my hair will resemble tomorrow at work. I'm glad I only have to deal for one day.

The stylist did write me back & here is what she said:

"Hi I just received your message. I am so sorry I think we had a huge misunderstanding! A keratin system is a very pricy service, but well worth it. I gave you all that information during your service. They just came out with a new version of keratin system that does only take 8 hours, this system is not as long lasting and requires a 6wk touch up as far as maintenance goes.Our salon has not made this system available yet. I had also talked to you about a new Malibu treatment I had just received and have fell in love with! I am offering this service to clients complimentary for dry,damaged, or just wanting to improve the integrity of the hair.However misunderstandings to occur....I would like to be very clear, you will love and should be very excited about your keratin system!! I would like to offer you a FREE HIGHLIGHT AND LOW LIGHT SERVICE, including a shampoo and style as your business is valued and to ensure your satisfaction with my services. I hope to see you for your next appointment and again apologize for the misunderstanding! "
I'm not really sure what to think now... maybe it was just a huge misunderstanding - and if that is the case, I feel like a complete idiot. I did not hear her mention anything about a 'Malibu' treatment, but maybe it is possible that I didn't hear her over the sound of the hair dryer?? I'm not really sure how I feel about the response at this point (although I do give her credit for writing me back & offering a free highlight and low light service) & I guess I will just have to see how I feel about it in a few weeks.

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