26 October 2010

Debra Morgan and New York & Company

How many of you watch Dexter? Well, I've been in love with the show since the first season & keep telling myself I am going to find out where the stylists get the clothes for Debra Morgan's character. I think she always looks so polished & simple. Even when she isn't dressed for work... she still seems to keep it simple, yet put together. I think it's because I hate getting dressed up... I'm not very girlie when it comes to wearing dresses and skirts... and I just like her style :)

 (all photos courtesy of imdb.com)

However, I've searched the Internet high & low and I can't find where they get her clothes. It might be some high end boutique, but the clothes favor those of Express. I know the majority of you probably think Express is relatively cheap in the grand scheme of things. I, however, think their prices are a little too high for their product. One button down shirt is $50. Seriously, I could part with $30... but coming out of the store after having spent $100 with only two button downs doesn't make me very happy. Anyway, I'm rambling now. I've recently noticed my friend Veronica wearing the cutest clothes from New York & Co. I have never really shopped there before and I thought I would look around their website. I was pleasantly surprised!

Here are some items I've spied that I may purchase:

The Camp Shirt

The Madison Shirt

The 5th Avenue Flare

 Faux Leather Patent Skinny Belt

Metallic Skinny Belt 

and non-Debra Morgan related:

Streetwear Sparkle Tunic
these would look super cute w/ a pair of leggings!

Chiffon Animal Print Top

and just to throw it out there... this top from American Eagle:
AE Plaid Flannel Shirt


  1. Forever 21 has some AWESOME similar button down tops for really cheap. We don't have a F21 near by so I shop online ALL. THE. TIME. Oh and I went to Wal Mart and they have some similar stuff as well.

  2. Omg I KNEW there was something out there that had to do with Deb's style!!! Just got done watching Season 6 and curiosity got the better of me and I'm so happy!! Good looking girl!