02 September 2010


This will probably be my last blog post until next Friday. I am leaving straight from work tomorrow to drive to Jacksonville, FL. We are staying the night there and then boarding our ship for the Bahamas on Saturday morning!! Thank goodness that the hurricanes/tropical storms don't seem to threaten us any... but I am still praying for those in NC/VA/MA/NY that may be threatened.

Work is finally starting to slow down... so much so that today at work I had nothing to do but worry about what may or may not happen while I'm gone. I don't know if I have mentioned it before, but I have an anxiety disorder and I worry about every little thing. The only thing that really makes me nervous is the thought of something happening at home while I'm gone & not being able to get home if I wanted/needed to quickly. My mom came and picked up Baxter a little bit ago. She is going to watch him while we are gone and I miss him already!! I remember back on our cruise in February... I couldn't wait until I got phone service back so I could call my mom & make sure he (& everyone else) was okay!!

Ahhh, anyway.... I am sure everything will be fine. I hope that each of you have a wonderful Labor Day weekend and I will talk to ya when I get back!

*I will leave you with some awesome pictures I've come across recently and a fabulous video of the water park at the Atlantis (which I will be partaking in, by the way!!)


  1. have an AWESOME vacation! and love those pictures! they cracked me up! (especially the one of Patrick).

  2. Ooooh that's going to be AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!! Have fun!!!! Can't wait to see some pictures!!!! :)

    Wow...that peacock feather cake is sooo pretty!