11 September 2010


I'm back! :) Actually I got back on Thursday but I have been wiped out and have done nothing but lay around on the couch and catch up on TV. We had a blast! We took in all the shows, comedians, games, etc. We ate together pretty much every night. In Half Moon Cay, we just had a beach day and we all got crispy! The water was absolutely gorgeous there. In Nassau, we went to The Atlantis water park and soaked up some more sun. It was the perfect amount of time to be on vacation. However, I was ready to get home and see Baxter! Unfortunately, I brought two friends back with me - Mr. Herpe and his twin brother. I have two GINORMOUS fever blisters on my bottom lip... they look like fang marks & they hurt incredibly bad. I called my doc the minute I got off the boat when I first felt them forming & told him to call me in some Valtrex (hoping they wouldn't be so bad) & I didn't get a return call back until I was home... only telling me that I had to come in to get any more prescriptions. So, the minute I got home, I had to turn around and go to the doctor to get some pills. I don't think I took them early enough because they are full blown now and very painful. I kept them lathered with SPF Chapstick all week so I don't know what went wrong. Ahhh... small price to pay for such a beautiful week. And it could be worse... I could have gotten them while I was on vacation! Anyway, I have a lot of blog reading to catch up on, so I will leave you with some pictures. I didn't take that many... I was too busy having fun... but enjoy!

our hotel in Jacksonville the night before we departed

Jacksonville, FL

lobster tail

Jason and his enormous shrimp

our travel agent sent us this nice bottle of wine
too bad it was disgusting :)
but it was such a nice gesture

Half Moon Cay, Bahamas

the tender boat

the water was soooooo blue :)

certified hair braiders in Nassau

Mindy & John

Jason & Becky

Me & Brian

me & our shuttle driver to the Atlantis


 John going down the huge Aztec Temple drop

I loved my coconut man :)

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