26 August 2010

Writer's Workpost - My Childhood Neighborhood

I am being so slack today at work because this is the first day we haven't been super busy in forever and I am taking full advantage of it because I damn well deserve it! :) I am participating in the Writer's Workpost today because one of the prompts is to write about your neighborhood growing up... and ahhhh nothing in my memory vault comes close to holding fuzzy feelings like my old neighborhood does.

I grew up in a little neighborhood in a small, southern town. The roads were just like rocks glued together... it wasn't paved with asphalt. I would walk down those rocky roads with barefeet like they were made of steel.

The road I grew up on looked similar to this one.

My best friend Jodie lived adjacent to me. The three houses lined next to mine housed:
1) Cayce
2) Wes
3) Scott

 Unfortunately, I was unable to locate a pic of Wes :(

Wes & Scott were in my grade level and Cayce & Jodie were in the grade level below us. There also housed a boy named Mitchell at the end of the street. He was mean as a snake and had a rat tail that suited him just fine. Jodie was 1 of 5 siblings... so needless to say, there were lots of kids running amuck in our neighborhood. The 'ole Wilson St. gang. We'd stay outside until "the street lights came on."

We would play Hide & Go Seek in the woods behind our houses, play in Jodie's playhouse that her dad built in their backyard.... and draw all over the inside of the walls with hearts around our crushes name. We would play Red Rover, Red Rover, Red Light Green Light, Simon Says.... we would climb trees and scrape our knees... we rode our bikes allllll over town... me and Jenny (one of Jodie's many siblings) would race down our driveway and one day I knocked out my tooth... There was a lake down the road and one year they drained it.... so me & Jodie walked down there and started hopping over the stumps that were sticking up out of the mud and the muck... surely, my foot fell and I lost a shoe in that gunk. I was so upset! You know how a girl is about her shoes... I ran back to Jodie's crying and her dad walked back with us and stuck his arm all the way down in the mud and fished out my shoe. Of course, the shoe was ruined... but I was so thankful!

 Jodie's playhouse looked similar to this one... but a little rougher around the edges

All of my birthday parties were in my backyard with the whole neighborhood as the majority of guests. We would get in petty fights... like little girls do... and I remember once that Jodie & Cayce wrote 'Beware of Jennifer' in sidewalk chalk on the side of my brick house! My bedroom window was directly across from Cayce's bedroom window and we would write notes back and forth on pieces of paper stuck to our windows after we were required to be inside for the night. I would head to Jodie's to do stuff I wasn't allowed to do at my house... she had older siblings so we would watch rated R movies like Chucky... and Dirty Dancing. Well, Dirty Dancing was PG13 but I was forbidden to watch it when I was young & with good reason... I watch it today and I'm like good Lord... no wonder my mom forbid me to watch it!

Anyway, my childhood neighborhood was probably as close to the cookie cutter kind as you can get. I cherish those memories spent with my neighborhood friends and Wilson Street will always, always have a fond place in my heart.


  1. Very nice description of your childhood experience. How lucky you are.
    thanks for writing it out.

  2. Don't you just love those memories? And everytime I read "When the street lights come on" I just laugh...it's the one common thing almost everyone seems to have!