30 August 2010

Top 2 Tuesday: Cities

I am celebrating the completion of the 30 day blog challenge by, first & foremost, participating in The Undomestic Momma's Top 2 Tuesday!

This week's topic is Top 2 Favorite US Cities!

1) New York, New York
What girl doesn't love NYC? Seriously. It is THE BEST city in the world. If I wasn't such a country girl... I would consider living there for at least a year. It would be fabulous! I would miss the simple life too much, though. But, I do like to visit! My first trip was my senior year in high school and my last trip was for my best friend's bachelorette party... both times were a blast! I would love to go back again soon!

2) Las Vegas, Nevada
Again... when you think of a good time... what do you think of... LAS VEGAS! I have only been once and the trip was so short that I really want to plan another trip. I went for another friend's bachelorette party :) and we were only there like 3 days. By the time I got adjusted to the time change, it was time for us to leave. It was exhausting, but fun! I always imagined Vegas to be this nasty, grimy place... but it really was pristine and beautiful. I didn't even get a chance to gamble during my trip... we shopped too much! :) so I'd really like to take a trip just to visit the wedding chapel's and gamble... what your normal everyday person thinks of when they think of VEGAS!


  1. I've only been to NY on a day trip but it was still so awesome! I'd love to go back with more time so I could see every thing.

    I'd love to go Vegas! I've only heard great things about it :)

  2. Great Picks!! You can't go wrong with Vegas, and of course I love New York...being that I live there and all!


  3. I have never gone to Vegas! It's on my list of places I def. want to check out!!

  4. I love Vegas too!!!!!!!!! I've been twice but it doesn't get old! I want to go back!!! I've never been to New York but I really want to one day!

  5. love nyc and love vegas. i've only been to each one time, but fell in love and want to go back SOOOOOON!

  6. I love Las Vegas! It's also one of my top 2! Haven't been to NYC, but I am dying to go!