28 August 2010

Day 27 & 28

Yesterday was the first day I missed blogging during the 30 day blog challenge. Bummer!
To be honest, I will be glad when this challenge is over :) I will be leaving for vacation at the end of next week so that will give y'all some time to forget how lame my posts were this month.

Day 27 is to talk about the past month in detail & day 28 is to talk about your past year.

For starters - this month has not been the best month to do this blog challenge because not a lot of interesting stuff has been going on. As I have stated before, we are very busy at work and I haven't wanted to do anything on my days off but relax. In addition, we were trying to save money for our trip and we haven't been out doing much. It has been a very quiet and boring month... "in great detail."

One WONDERFUL thing happened this month though... yesterday to be exact... my brother & sister-in-law welcomed a new baby boy into their lives! Luke Cameron Johnson. 9 lbs 15 oz & 22 inches long! He is a big one with a head full of hair! They had to do a c-section because he just didn't want to enter this world without a little help... they were really hoping that wasn't going to be necessary, but everything went fine and Luke is here and both baby and mama are healthy! I am driving to Columbia to meet him tomorrow so I will post pics then. :)

As for this year -- it has been difficult at times. I graduated from college in December with high hopes for this year. My previous employer knew I would be job searching for something in my field w/ benefits and started a search of their own. Unfortunately, they find a replacement before I found a job... and I became unemployed the week before I left for vacation in February.

I went on my very first cruise with B & his family to Belize, Honduras, Costa Maya and Cozumel, Mexico. I obviously enjoyed it... because we are leaving next weekend for another cruise... this time to the Bahamas w/ friends.

It took me a good while and many interviews before I found the job that I have now. I was only unemployed from February to April but it felt a lot longer than that. My job isn't really currently in "my field", which is psychology, but it pays well and has state benefits & I'm not complaining one bit. Jobs are tough to find these days.

Since April, I've been pretty much a hermit. Since April is when the office starts getting busy, I kind of started at a rough time. I'm still learning actually... there hasn't been much time to be taught certain things that I am looking forward to learning when things start to slow down. I can tell that it is coming soon because even though last week was crazy... Friday was dead & I'm certain these people will leave us alone after next week. :)

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