25 August 2010

Day 25 - My Day "in great detail"

Today's 30 day blog challenge post is to talk about your day in great detail. Warning: nothing at all exciting happened today... & I am sure you will be bored to tears... but, I will follow the rules. Enjoy!

7 a.m.
Wake up with a pulsating fever blister/cold sore and horrifying headache
Take 4 ibuprofen & 2 Valtrex (for the fever blister--just clarifying that I am herpes free ;))
Brush teeth/take a shower/put on makeup
While putting on makeup, organized makeup bag & threw out a bunch of old crap
Blow dry hair
Straighten hair
Get dressed (chocolate brown gauchos, plain white classic Target tee (my favorite), brown gladiator sandals, brown/caramel/white beads, and white Swatch watch)
Switch out handbags (black Coach to leopard print Jessica Simpson)

8 a.m.
Throw a Nature Valley fruit/nut bar in my bag, along with my script for Valtrex
Head to work and listen to Kidd Kraddick in the morning
*They did a funny remix to Eminem/Rihanna's Love the Way You Lie about 5th grade love. HILARIOUS!
I also listened to a little bit of Corey Smith's station on Pandora from the Droid

8:30 a.m.
Arrive to work with 4 students already waiting for the doors to open
Between 8:30-11, I answered voice mails from yesterday and saw students in between
2 students cried; 2 students got loud
It got slammed between 11 & 1
By noon, I had already seen nearly 30 students (30 students is average on a normal day for the entire day)
*Yesterday was class cancellation day, so there were a bunch of students upset because their classes were canceled due to lack of payment. Can't help ya kid.

1 p.m.
Left for lunch
Initially stopped by Moe's but nothing on the menu jumped out at me... so, I left and went to Wendy's drive-thru instead. I ordered a Jr. bacon cheeseburger minus the lettuce and tomato, small fry, and small coke. Ummm... healthy!!
Parked in the parking lot and ate my lunch while reading Best Friends Forever by Jennifer Weiner
10 til 2, I headed back to work and called my mom

2 p.m.
Arrive back to work and the office is still slammed
See students for another hour and a half

3:30 p.m.
Started returning voice mails in between seeing students until closing time

5 p.m.
Left work and called my mom to tell her to meet me at Target
Picked up some prescriptions
Mom met me in the parking lot and wrote me a check for the dentist tomorrow
*How nice of her! I'm trying to save money for my cruise... I have to get a cavity filled tomorrow morning at 8 a.m.... with a fever blister on my lip. I cringe at the pain already.

6 p.m.
Stop at the gas station on the way home for a 12 pack of Miller Lite
Arrive home and chit chat with Jeff about his trip to Kentucky this summer
*He arrived back yesterday from being gone all summer. It is officially back to 3 men & a 'lil lady
Fixed myself some Smart Ones pizza bites
Ate pizza bites
Drank two Miller Lite's

7:05 p.m.
Here I am typing this post. I have no plans tonight except watch Big Brother and drink a few more Miller Lite's. My life is so interesting.... I knowwwwwwwwww. 


  1. oohh how is the best friends forever book?
    i just got it and only got to the 3rd page, but not so sure if i wanna read the whole thing yet

  2. Wow!!! That was seriously descriptive...and I loved every minute of it! ;) It doesn't seem interesting to you but I think it's awesome to get a glimpse into your day!! What is your job?? I tried to figure it out but I can't...

  3. Best Friends Forever is actually pretty good. I am almost finished with it now. It did take a chapter or two for me to get into but I am really enjoying it now.

  4. I am a "Financial Aid Counselor" at Coastal Carolina!