18 August 2010

Day 17

Today's post was another "whatever tickles your fancy" (which is a lame saying, by the way) post and so I decided to reflect upon sixteen days from today.

That's right - 17 days!

I logged into "My Cruises" on the Carnival site to see some stuff... and what did I see? "You set sail in 17 days!"  HOLLLLLLERRR!!

This week at work has not started off very well - I saw 93 people Monday & 66 yesterday - when I thought it would be slowing down by now. Classes start today for goodness sakes... if you don't have you financial aid straight by now.... are you ever? REALLY?
I digress.

Onward to looking forward to SEVENTEEN days from now! SEVENTEEN DAYS!

Actually 17 because we are leaving town the day before our cruise sails and staying at this fabulous resort....

And we will be hitting up the Jacksonville Landing
....before boarding....

and setting sail to the Bahamas... where we will be visiting...


....where we will be spending the day at....

OK I'm stoked now 8)


  1. FUN! I love cruises, especially the yummy food! ha~ I am super jealous!

  2. Im jealous, I'm going to vegas on the 10th but its for a wedding and will only be there for the weekend. Your vacation looks like soooooooooooooooo much more FUN!

  3. cruises aren't my cup of tea (i'm terrified of boats) but i really really REALLY want to go to atlantis someday! i hope you have a great time!