16 August 2010

Day 16 - Song That Makes You Cry

This whole 30 day blog challenge has lost me 2 followers along the way. Awww... that kind of makes me sad.... and then it just makes me happy and appreciative of all of the followers that still hang w/ me after all this non-sense & crap :) Love yous!

Today's blogger challenge topic is to list a song that makes you cry. Well, to be honest, no song has ever really literally made me cry in itself... only hearing it when I was upset or missing someone or seeing a super sad music video. Here are few that make the top list... all of them country.... obviously.

Tell Me I Was Dreaming - Travis Tritt

How Can I Help You Say Goodbye - Patty Loveless

What Hurts the Most - Rascal Flatts


  1. I love "what hurts the most", it gets me everytime!

  2. what hurts the most is totally a crying song haha, it gets me every time i hear it!

  3. The Patty Loveless song totally makes me tear up! No matter when I hear it. Country songs just really hit the spot don't they!?


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