15 August 2010

DAY 15 - up to today....

**I had planned to post this on the 31st - BUT today's topic was lame... (a fanfic) and I don't even know what that is-- so I decided to do a midway post and then I'll do an end post on 31st**

I decided today (August 10th) that I should keep an edited post going throughout the month to post on the 31st to catch you all up on what has been going on in my every day life that may not have been posted in one of the 30 blog challenge posts. I will update it periodically throughout the month & then post on the last day.

WORK - It has been insanely busy, of course. I've returned over 1200 voice mails in two weeks. People are starting to panic and they are starting to get more rude than usual. Classes start on the 18th (Wednesday!!) & the work load should simmer down after that.

FOOD - I love, love, love Ruby Tuesday's pasta salad on their salad bar. I got the great idea one day to recreate my own version of it. SO, I did some online searching & found some different copycat recipes and I think I came up with a great version of it. It tastes pretty much like the real deal... if not better! However once you hear the ingredients and realize how fattening it must be, you might not want to try it for yourself.

Basically-- I just cooked rotini noodles, drained them, and put them in the fridge to chill. Next, I mixed (by the eyeball method) equal amounts of ranch dressing & mayo. Then, I sprinkled some french fry seasoning in with the ranch/mayo mix. (Yes, french fry seasoning... one of the recipes called for it.) After I had enough to cover the noodles.... I mixed it all in w/ some diced ham (left out the peas) and sprinkled in some sharp cheddar cheese. It really was quick and easy and delicious!

MISC. - I made B put HBO & Showtime back on our TV. We had it about a year ago (or I should say HE had it because I wasn't living with him at the time) but we got rid of it because we had Netflix. Well, since the rise of RedBox, we have canceled Netflix. So, now I want some movies to watch on occasion. PLUS - all the great HBO/Showtime series are about to start & I don't want to miss out on them more than I already have! I have agreed to pay for the additional $27 a month to have it because, quite frankly, all I do is watch TV anyway... so, it is worth it to me. :) So far, I am catching up on The United States of Tara. AMAZING!

Also--do any of you watch Big Brother? I never really have before this season & I'm obsessed. I've been watching Big Brother After Dark on Showtime each night and the conversations they have unedited are outrageous! 

HAIR - I had lo lights put in yesterday and it looks so much more natural! I didn't go to my normal girl... I went to the girl that does my friend's hair and I'm pretty glad I did.

SURPRISES - Yay! I was surprised yesterday when my friend, Lia, called me to tell me she was in town. She moved to New Jersey back in April and I haven't seen her since! It was so great to catch up with her.... and even better! our friend Beth who moved away two years ago just happened to be in town too! YAY!

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