09 July 2010

pure excitement.

I have three things coming in the mail next week that I couldn't be more excited about! 

1) The last time B's mom was here, I picked out fabric for his Nan to make me a quilt for my birthday. She is amazing at it! It is funny because I am really funny about the type of bedding I sleep under. (Ugh! I hate ending a sentence w/ a preposition, but I really can't think of a better way to word it right now. Anyway...) I bought this really cute bedding from Overstock.com when I first moved into this house, and when we received it, I hated the way it felt. But, B loves it! So, he sleeps under it and I sleep under a smaller quilt that Nan made years and years ago. I use it to lounge around on the couch and then when I go to bed, I take it with me. When B's mom found out about this, she got the idea that Nan could make me a quilt for my birthday. She bought the fabric when she was in town & shipped it to Nan--who, I can't believe is already finished with it! I don't say it enough, but his family is AMAZING! Anyway, she e-mailed yesterday to say it was on its way. It will be the size of our bed (B will have to put up his bedding) and it will look similar to the one below... but way more intricate and awesome!

2) There was a stupid mix up with the website where B ordered my birthday watch. Remember the pretty blue/white Swatch? It never arrived! So, B contacted them & they said somehow it never got shipped. Well, a week later- it still hadn't arrived! Come to find out, the website didn't have the watch in stock and just never mentioned it. They said they were just going to send it whenever they got it in stock, which could be weeks! Needless to say, he canceled the order and ordered it from another site. Feeling bad about it, he paid for express shipping (which I emphasized was not necessary) & it should be here early next week!

3) I finally found something my mom could get me for my birthday. She kept asking and I could never come up w/ anything... so, she just told me to wait until I found something & I did today! Editor's Closet  was having a Coach sale today. I called up mama and she got me this beauty for only $164. Its retail value is $358!

So, those are the three items will be receiving in the mail this week!! :) Since my cruise is paid up for... I think I might treat myself to the following items soon, as well.

On Sale: $29.95

Steve Madden

Why not get the black too?
I have wanted suede heels forever now.
Might as well get both pair - I can wear them with everything.
As soon as fall comes, of course.

Etsy's Ritzy Misfit
I want a turquoise/teal one like Jillian has though!

Max & Chloe 


  1. Your blog is so cute!
    Please follow me @ http://basicallyformyself.blogspot.com
    Thanks, Nicole Mariana

  2. I love all the wonderful things you have coming your way! Quilts are the best! My MIL is in the process of making my second sorority t-shirt quilt. Yes, I had that many t-shirts! Have a great weekend!

  3. what, you're gonna buy all that stuff just so you can take it all back?!
    i think you should look at the ulltra pumps. they have them in suede w/o the hookerish platform & 8 inch heel!!

  4. I love Coach bags, and I LOVE Steve Madden. I was going to get those same shoes, but in blue. I didn't though, because I don't have much money to buy stuff, since I am living off loan money :(

  5. That quilt is going to be amazing :) I love quilts! Too bad I don't know how to make them haha

    You have so many greats things heading your way :) The necklace that Jillian is wearing is really pretty. Makes me want to buy one!

    Love the clothes you picked out for the cruise, super cute :)

  6. omg I love love love that initial pendant!!!! :) :)