26 July 2010


I used to hate Miller Lite. I thought it was horrible! But somewhere along the way... over time... it has become my favorite beer. I don't like to drink anything else. Miller Lite all the way. And, I just found a new reason to love it... I present to you... Miller Lite Home Draft

and yes I picked one of these bad boys up on my way home from work... two seconds after seeing the billboard advertising it!


  1. You're my new favorite person :) I do love reading your blog because I think we would be BFFs in real life :) Haha...but I used to hate Miller Lite and now like it bc of the vortex neck! And even more now that I can have it on draft at home...thank you!!

  2. I'm def. a miller girl too! :)

  3. THIS is awesome!! I love Miller too. Might have to get this for the weekend ;)