07 July 2010

GTKY: 07.07.10

Uhmmm... only three days late! But who is counting?

Getting to know YOU

1. What do you look forward to the most on the 4th of July?
The fireworks, of course. However, I do love a good BBQ, a refreshing pool, and loving America. It is my favorite holiday. I am a wee bit partial to it since it is only 9 days after my birthday. It is sorta like an extra celebration.

2. Are you a hugger?
Notsomuch. I am not very affectionate altogether. I'm not a big cuddler. I just need my space. I'm not sure what made me that way but I'm just blah :x when it comes to all lovey dovey mushy wushy stuff.

3. What is your favorite BBQ'd food?

Hot dogs with chili and potato salad. Yum!

4. Do you like to watch parades?

Yes, they have a boat parade nearby on the 4th of July. And although I've missed it the last few years, it is always fun to watch. 

5. Who has stinkier farts..boys or girls?

I don't think you can really fairly say boys vs. girls. I think it is an individual thing, regardless of gender. I think girls may be smellier more often than boys because they tend to hold it in, which results in stinker toots when they do hit the air. But I think it varies on the person.
6. Vampires or Werewolves? 
Vampires all the way. Team Edward. Team Jacob was never an option.

7. Do you read your horoscope?

I used to read it quite a bit when I was younger, but very rarely do I read it now that I'm older.

8. What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?
Cinnamon Bun - Ben & Jerry's. Thanks for bringing it up. I can NEVER find it anywhere anymore. 


  1. AHHH!!!!! Team Jacob all the way!!! LOL! ;)

    I've never had any of Ben & Jerry's ice cream! Is that crazy or what?! I've heard so many good things about their flavors but I've never tried them!! I need to though...I think I want to try Cherry Garcia...isn't that the one with frozen yogurt? Yum!!!

  2. Ben & Jerry discontinue flavors if they aren't as popular as they want them to be. That was probably the fate of your beloved Cinnamon Bun. RIP. I love Cherry Garcia. All the cherries and chocolate chips are just so yummy! And the Oatmeal Cookie kind is good too, that might be similar to your Cinnamon Bun.