21 June 2010

Y'all, Seriously!

My co-workers were NOT joking when they described how horrendous and busy and chaotic orientation weeks could be. Last week was my first experience and it was no biggie - sure we had random busy spurts but nothing to write home about. I was like .... THIS. IS. CAKE.

Uh, wrong! Today was a completely different story! People out the WAHZOO first thing in the morning. I had seen THIRTY families in the first two hours. Sheesh kabobs! Around 11 a.m., I started feeling majorly overwhelmed and went to reach for my Xanax bottle. (I have an anxiety disorder and therefore have a steady supply - I'm not some pill popper, I promise!) To my dismay, ixnay on the xanaxay. I was OUT! What is a girl to do when she fills like jumping out of her skin? Thank the dear God up above that she got the wonderful anxiety from her dear mother. I called up mama and she said time will ease your pain... life's about changing nothing ever stays the same. OK, I got a little off track there with the "How Can I Help You Say Goodbye" lyrics. You see what this day has done? Turned me into a complete spaz!

So anyway, my mom came to the rescue and I was okay from then on out - but I will be sure to be armed for tomorrow and the rest of the week. So, I sit here downing a lovely bottle glass of pinot grigio and I simply don't have the energy to catch up on blogs or blog about anything else at the moment.


  1. I am totally with you on the anxiety girl. I've had it for years and it acts up worse when I have caffeine. You can never trust a restaurant when they tell you it's decaf!! I find out soon enough that it in fact was not decaf. I hope you get yours under control soon!! I always said that I would never wish anxiety on my worst enemy!!

  2. I use to have that kind of anxiety until I started using the Sedona Method, yeah, yeah, I know, everybody has a technique that works for them. Anyway, at least you had your mom to get a pill off of thankfully. Heeeeyyy! It's been awhile since I heard/read pig latin...I'm impressed.