11 June 2010

weekly mishmash

Happy Friday, my fellow bloggers! I don't have anything planned for this weekend... but typically that is when the fun really happens! Although, B has to work a lot this weekend so I don't know how much fun I will be having without him. I really hate that now that I'm older... it is more and more difficult to stay in touch with friends. I rarely see my friends... and the closest friend that lives here works two jobs & being able to see her at all is a miracle in itself. I'm hoping to get in some girl time somewhere!!

Lately, I have been grinding my teeth in my sleep worse than ever. I have always done it... but B has been having to wake me up in the middle of the night to get me to stop. (Usually it is me waking up him because of his snoring!) I don't really know what causes me to do it... am I more stressed out than usual? I can tell I have been doing it too because I have had killer headaches in the morning this week. I spoke to my dentist about having a guard made for me... but it is super expensive, even with insurance. I went to the drugstore and bought an over-the-counter one, but it is really bulky and I can't sleep with it in. Does anyone have any suggestions? I surely don't want to end up one day with my teeth chipping/falling off!

You know what I hate? ...when you return an item you bought online and it takes forever for them to credit the money back to your account. Ahhh... I'm dealing with this right now from Victoria's Secret. I shipped the package back on Friday of last week. I just got an e-mail yesterday saying they received it and it is being processed... but still no money in my account! I ended up keeping everything I purchased except one of the bathing suits. It was actually the bathing suit I didn't think would work out... and the one I thought would... didn't. I'm happy with the one I kept though.

I know this is probably TMI - or gross - or whatever... but I have a toenail fungus. Mr. Digger, as those Lamisil commercials call him. I have it on both of my big toes and don't know how in the world I got it. They say it comes from moist/dampness but I never even wear shoes. I am always wearing sandals. I just noticed it this past weekend when I went to change my toenail polish. I took off the polish and my big toes were yellow! I remember the time I changed my polish before... one looked like it had been bumped and it had a bruise. But now.... both toes look like that and one of them is yellow. It is disgusting! And the Internet said not to wear polish on them so now I have to walk around w/ them looking like this! I might put a band-aid over the worse one. I bought some Mycocide - which is some liquid medicine you paint on like polish. It was nearly $20! I haven't really seen any difference so far... so I hope it starts working soon! Has anyone else dealt with this before?

On a much lighter note, our cruise was booked this week. I am really excited about it - but not so excited about shelling out the money!! We got a really good deal - it was only $340 a person for a five day cruise. I have to pay $200 on Tuesday when I get paid and then the rest of the money at the end of the month. That isn't too bad... but with bills and everything... my money will be pretty much dunzo and I feel like I haven't really gotten a chance to spend any of it on myself since I started this job! Such is life, I guess....

Orientation starts next week at the university and so we are going to be SUPER busy! We also go back to regular hours during orientation weeks, which kinda sucks. We do get off at 2:30 on Friday's and don't have to work 10 hour days... so I'm trying to look on the bright side. I gotta go out and get some khaki capri's to wear with our teal shirts. Does anyone know where they have seen any cute ones lately?

I hope everyone has a great weekend!


  1. Oh girl, I hate returning things to VS...they definitely take FOREVER to credit your money. Grrrrr, so annoying.

    Where are you going on a cruise to?! That sounds awesome! :)

  2. yes, when we get older it's more difficult to get in touch with our friends. I feel the same way too. All my friends were married and have kids and I miss the time we spend together especially during summer.

    Have fun on the cruise and I wish you could get the credit back from VS.

  3. I know what you mean about the friends thing and it sucks! My brother is 3 yrs younger than me and I see him having all this fun with his friends and I think, wow I used to remember when I did that! I miss the days where you didn't have a worry and your friends were just a call away to hang out.

    I also grind my teeth a lot in my sleep and sometimes it hurts to eat the next day. I tend to do it more when I'm stressed.

    Lucky you for getting to go on a cruise! That seems like a great price to pay too.

    Have a great weekend :-)