06 June 2010

Weekend Recap: Zac Brown Band

Thursday - After work, me and Brian rode down to Murrells Inlet to go out to eat with the couple we are setting sail with in September. Brian works with the guy doing alcohol buys (the guy is a cop) and I had never met his girlfriend, so we thought it would be a good idea. We hit it off great! I am super excited about the cruise in September and I cannot wait to do this:

The Atlantis Water Park

We ate at this place called Cooter's Bar & Grill and the food was delish! I had a standard cheeseburger (but it was anything but standard) and something they call Potato Crunch. It was diced potatoes, sour cream, cheese, and bacon... covered with corn flakes and baked... which made it crunchy. It was SO good! Also- check out the funny drink names!

Friday - We took it easy because we knew we were heading to Charleston the next day. I ran several errands and Brian worked on his Adirondack chair. He was so excited. Although, it does look pretty good on the back porch! That night we stayed in and watched an old movie - Dirty Work. I had never seen it & thought it was hilarious!

Red Sox & Patriots colors, of course

Our Backyard :)

Saturday - We left early and headed to Charleston. We grilled out and played cards and listened to music in preparation for the concert. The concert was amazing! The venue was amazing! It was all around amazing! 
Jay (Brian's brother) Backyard!
Jay's Roommate - The Grill Master
Jay & his girlfriend
NAVY Friends (Jay is in the Navy)
Yes, he went dressed like this.

We drove back early this morning and I plan on spending the rest of the day at the pool! I hope everyone else had a great weekend :)!


  1. I'm a new follower! Sounds like a great weekend. Would love it if you followed me!


  2. i would love to be at that water park right now! and i love zac brown band!