23 June 2010

exclamation points!!!

Clemson won their baseball game tonight.... which means.... they are going to play in the championship game!!!!!!!!! I am SO excited that I can barely stand it!!! In 1981 (the year I was born) they won the National Football Championship (I always say I was destined to be a fan!) & what a great birthday present it would be .... if Clemson won the College World Series this weekend. Well, here's to hoping!!!

Anyway, I am getting my hair done tomorrow and I cannot wait. I feel like just yesterday I had it colored but my roots are already showing some... and I need a haircut in the worst way. I rather just get it all done at one time than get my hair cut tomorrow and go back in a few weeks for a color. My hair is getting so annoying. My bangs haven't been cut in forever and it is simply not a good look. I might go for this hairstyle down below: just the cut; not the color.

I did love the color when she did it then too... but I've tried several times to have it recreated by both the same stylist who did it the first time & stylist's I've been to since & I've had no luck. And, with the disaster of a hair color I went through a few months ago... I think I will stick to strictly blonde, thank you very much!


  1. I think your hair looks really cute in that pic! Hope the cut and color turns out how you want :-)

  2. I was so excited to wake up to find Clemson won!! Now, lets hope they win again!!!

    Good luck with the hair. I am getting my done as soon as I get to the US!

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  4. omg. your bday is tomorrow!!!!!
    maybe you should do another giveaway?