18 June 2010

bummed. (warning: a total venting post.)

I am in SUCH a bummer mood today! I have been like this since noonish. We were really busy today at work, which I think is what started it. I saw more students/parents/families today than I did any other day this week and we left at 2:30 today! The VP of our department served us lunch and I didn't get a spare second to eat mine until it was already cold :( 

It semi slowed down as it was nearing 2:30 and I was getting excited about leaving early... until... one of those parents who has a million and one questions and wants you to walk them through every minor detail called around 2:20. I didn't get her off the phone until around 2:45. It is about a 20 minute commute home on any standard day, but today the traffic was backed up tremendously due to it being Friday and the start of true tourist season. So, I took a different, longer route to avoid sitting in stop and go traffic for an hour.

I decided I would hit up the mall on my way home thinking it might cheer me up if I found a fabulous deal. I didn't find jack. I came home to the boys playing Tiger on the PS3. Ahhh... one of the joys of living with men. Plus, the US Open is on this weekend. I have had to watch and listen to enough golf this past year that I could vomit on command merely by a mention of the word. (Both of our roommates are golfers -- one goes to The Golf Academy and the other is going to school for Turf Management.)

Anyway, I just went straight to our room and rested a bit, while watching a little TV. I guess I am just really bummed because I honestly and truly miss hanging out with girls SO much sometimes. The majority of my friends wait on tables or bartend and work every night... especially on the weekends. By the time they do get out of work... they sometimes go out... but I am already far into REM sleep by that time. I'm one of those types who likes to get out earlier... if I'm not out and about by at least 7:30 or 8 o'clock, you might as well hang it up because I'm not making it out at all.

It just really sucks sometimes. I am around way too much testosterone too much of the time. I'm about to go insane! My birthday is next Friday and I'm not even at all excited about it because I have feeling it will probably be lame and filled with more of B's friends than my own. I know I am feeling sorry for myself (and I hate when people do that) but I guess we all do it sometimes. Ahhhhh....


  1. Boo! I'm sorry you're having a less than awesome day :/ I have 3 brothers (who always had their other guy friends over), and I was associated with a Fraternity in college, so I was surrounded by boys alllll the time. It gets overwhelming at times... you are definitely deserving of some quality girl time! :)

  2. Aww, I feel bad for you! You really do need some girl time but I kind of know how you feel. When I would visit M, my boyfriend, up at school every weekend, I would be surrounded by guys, he had 3 guy roommates, and sometimes I just couldn't wait to go home haha because I never got to watch what I wanted on TV or just have girl talk.

    It really does suck when you go to the mall and find NOTHING! What a wasted trip.

    I hope you have a great birthday even though you think you won't. I'm not sure if you only hang out with a couple of girls or a group but make sure they're there to celebrate your bday so you have a better time!

    Cheer up :-)

  3. I hope your birthday goes well and your weekend turned around! I completely understand the not wanting to stay out late thing I like to go out earlier too (maybe I'm too used to the slowness of Florida), I hate the bummed out feeling when going to the mall for a pick-me-up session and all you find are things that are too expensive or just not right! I moved away from all of my best friends and have had to start from scratch and although I have made some great friends I miss my gals and sometimes get in a funk wishing they were around for a Starbucks! At least the world of blogging gives us a distraction and a place to vent! =) Happy early birthday!