26 June 2010

the birthday blues...

Yesterday was my birthday & I felt horrible! I have felt icky the past three days... sinus pressure, sore throat, ear ache, etc.... I tried to push through it yesterday and went out to eat w/ a few friends & we had plans to go watch the USC/Clemson baseball game later (don't even get me started on how horribly that game turned out) but I couldn't make it and was at home in the bed before nine. That is so sad! I definitely need a do-over...

I didn't feel any better this morning so I went to the doctor. After sitting in an annoying clinic for two hours, they told me it is just bad allergies & gave me a shot of steroids and some pills to take at home. I didn't even know I had allergies! WTF?

On a good note - You love & appreciate presents even when you're sick... B got me the watch I've been wanting... The Swatch Acrylic Purity Watch in Ocean Blue

and his mom got me this nice Body Glove case for my Droid. I took the clip off but it also comes with an attachment where you can set it up like a picture frame :) Thanks Shelly!!

My mom gave me $$$ money to help pay for the cruise I will be going on in September and she is still waiting on me to show her something else I want in addition to the money :) My bestie, Chaps, showed me this great dress http://www.calypso-celle.com/Shireen-Eyelet-Dress-p-16981.html and I was going to have my mom get that for me... but, they didn't have the size I think I need in any of the colors & since it is on sale, it is nonreturnable... therefore, I figured I'd wait until I found something that could be returned if it didn't fit.

My lovely friend, Corissa, got me an adorable plastic cocktail shaker that tells you how to make different drinks on the side. It also came with adorable stirrers like the ones below and little water filled animals that serve as ice when you freeze them :) Thank you, Corissa!!


  1. happy belated birthday!! hope you feel better!

  2. Happy belated birthday! I hope you feel better so that you can enjoy your wonderful presents ;) I really love the watch!

    Have a wonderful day,

  3. Happy Belated Birthday. Feel better. I hate being sick on holidays. One year I had an ear infection on christmas morning. Boo. Well feel better and eats lots of cake and ice cream and have your boyfriend take care you!

  4. Happy Birthday!!!! ;)
    Cute watch!

  5. Yes, being sick on a holiday is the absolute worst. I had strep on Thanksgiving once and wasn't able to enjoy all the yummy food! To be honest, I am SO glad I went to the doctor because that steroid shot has worked wonders. I am already feeling 75% better!! & it supposedly lasts for like 3 months!

  6. Happy belated birthday!

    I love the watch :-) So cute!!