31 May 2010

weekend recap

with lots and lots of pictures of baby Caroline!

Baby Caroline is my "bestie's" almost seven month daughter. Chapell and her husband brought the baby down here to spend some time with her Aunt Jenn! :) They didn't arrive until Sunday and left today, so I didn't get to spend too much time with them... but at least I got to see them yesterday! We played on the beach and went out to eat a Gilligan's in Pawley's Island. The wait lists were just too long everywhere in Murrells Inlet because of the holiday weekend. The food was really good though and I was inducted into the clean plate club. I got popcorn shrimp, corn on the cob, and a baked potato. YUM, YUM, YUM. The booth's were pretty cool too... they had buckets in the middle of them (since it is mostly an oyster bar) so we had a place to put all of our trash/clutter... and they had aquarium's separating the booth's. Here are some pictures from yesterday:

 Caroline made some friends!
Big girl can already hold her bottle herself :)
AHHH... get that sun outta my face! 
Pictures of the aquarium separating our booth from someone else

The rest of the weekend was pretty uneventful. Brian and our roommate went out canoeing on Saturday and left me at home (which was plenty fine by me). So, I spent the day being lazy around the house. I got in some of that alone time!! That evening we went to our favorite local bar/pub and watched the UFC fight.

Hmmm... oh yeah, we spent all day shopping on Friday and I was too pooped to do anything that night... so we just hung around and watched the CELTICS BEAT ORLANDO! :D

Thursday night, I met my friend V out for happy hour. We had a good time and decided we wanted to extend our happy hour a little longer. :) So, we picked up Brian and went to a place that was having a "full moon" party and girls drank for free until midnight. They even made PJ! I only had one cup. We played a little cornhole (you may know it as bags) and listened to a little live acoustic. It was a nice evening. 

Brian & V
EEK! I hate frogs.
and as always... me being a dork ;P

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