18 May 2010

weekend recap (on a Tuesday)

I had SUCH a great weekend but it wore me out! As I said in my last post, I (meaning Brian - but I consider them mine too) had family in town this weekend. My brother, sister-in-law, and the kids were in town as well, but I saw little of them. I did stop by my parents to visit with them for about two hours on Saturday but now that they live in Columbia - I can see them much more often than I can see Brian's family who lives all over.

I'm not sure if I have mentioned it or not (it is worth repeating!) but during the summer, I have Friday's off! So, during the day, I rode with my friend Cindy to our hair stylist's house for her to color our hair. She put some highlights back in it but not very much. We are just going to gradually go back to the blonde I'm used to being at a slow pace so that I don't damage my hair. But, I'm glad that I am starting to look a little bit like my normal self! That evening, the family came over to our house after Jay's graduation from the Navy program. We just ordered in pizza and had a lazy evening.

Here is a picture of all the guys (including Baxter) relaxing while watching the hockey game.
Unfortunately, the Bruins lost.
Jim (Brian's dad), Baxter, Marcus (Brian's brother-in-law), Jay (Brian's brother) & Brian
Stephanie (Brian's stepmom) is in the background.

Me and Brian met up with his family at the condo they were renting. We hit the beach early (around 11 a.m.) and stayed out there basking in the sun til about 3. It was a beautiful day! After that, me and Brian came back to the house to shower up. I wanted to get in a few hours of quality time with my family - so I left Brian to entertain his family before dinner. At my parents, I just sat around talking to the kids, watching The Office & Survivor with my brother, and playing a computer game with Leigh Anna. I also persuaded Ben to give me one of his silly bandz. I'm sure if you are around kids much - you know about the silly bands. They are all the rage these days... kind of like slap bracelets were when I was their age. This is what Ben's arm looked like:

(not his actual arm - I got this picture from Google images)

They come in all different themes & he even had Clemson ones. I tried to get him to give me an orange helmet but all I got out of him was a red ladybug.

Anyway, after visiting with them for a while... I met Brian and his family at a nice Italian restaurant for an early dinner. He had gotten a $50 gift certificate off restaurant.com for $4... but, you have to spend $100 and we thought this would be the perfect time to do it. The food was really good. I got shrimp scampi with linguine... yum!

After dinner, we all went to Bumstead's (my favorite local bar) and shot a little pool and socialized.

an adorable picture of Brian and his mom (Shelly)

the boys shooting pool - and Brian making a retarded face, as always...

We all gathered at the house for a cookout. We had burgers, chicken, and hot dogs. It was such a nice day out that it was perfect to sit out on the porch. After the cookout--me, Brian, and our two roommates, Landon & Jeff went over to The Boathouse for their summer concert series. The band was called Appetite for Destruction and they are a Guns & Roses cover band. We definitely saw some interesting characters - including a few girls that were having a little too much fun with a hula hoop (apologies in advance if you know them.) A few of my friends met us there too and we had a wonderful time.

the guys playing a little Polish horseshoes while the grill warmed up
Jay (in the far back), Jeff, Marcus, and Landon

those Tortilla Strips are AMAZING on salad!

Jay, Sarah (Brian's sister), & Marcus


It was INSANELY packed!!

the hula hoops were a big hit with the kids too...
and apparently, the only picture I got of myself this weekend was of my toes... so enjoy!

It really was a wonderful weekend. However, I will be so glad to do absolutely NOTHING this upcoming weekend and treat myself to a little TLC! I hope everyone had a great weekend too! xoxo

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