11 May 2010

Top 2 Tuesday

I am participating in The Undomestic Momma's Top Two Tuesday today! This week is featuring your top 2 dream houses. Click on the button below to participate!

1) I would absolutely love to live in a log cabin overlooking a lake. How dreamy is the house below? It is definitely more than I will ever have - and I really wouldn't want anything that big anyway. I enjoy houses that are small and cozy, just as much as I enjoy larger homes.

However, this view would be more than nice! This is a picture of a completely different house altogether, but just as dreamy as the first! I would love to have the above log cabin with this backyard. AMAZING!

2) I think because my granddaddy was a farmer... I would love to live in a "farm-type" home. It would take me back to all of those great memories I have of growing up on his farm. Either way, I hope to someday live out in the country - in a log cabin or a farm house - but not too far from the city. I couldn't deal without my shopping malls. But, I enjoy the quietness and more importantly, the smell of the country. The picture below is a beautiful sketch of a home I could imagine living in out in the country.

I love tall ceilings in both the kitchen and the living areas because they give the rooms the appeal of being so much bigger. I would also want my kitchen to have a lot of light and tile like the picture below.

I couldn't find the perfect living area picture - but I know I want a fireplace, book shelf, a cozy couch, and a big screen TV. (:


  1. Oh my gosh, that log home is gorgeous! It looks more like a ski lodge than a house!

    Love those farm houses too!

  2. Wow love those houses! Unique but so nice!